Aspose.Words.MailMerging Namespace

The Aspose.Words.MailMerging namespace contains classes of the "original" mail merge reporting engine.

This reporting engine requires the document to be marked up with Microsoft Word mail merge fields, but supports more functionality than Microsoft Word's mail merge.

The engine allows to quickly and easily populate a report template with data from various sources such as DataTable, DataSet, DataView, IDataReader or an array of values.

The MailMerge object which provides access to the reporting functionality is available via the Document.MailMerge property.

For the newer and more advanced reporting engine based on the LINQ method syntax see Aspose.Words.Reporting.

Public classCode exampleFieldMergingArgs
Provides data for the MergeField event.
Public classCode exampleFieldMergingArgsBase
Public classCode exampleImageFieldMergingArgs
Provides data for the ImageFieldMerging(ImageFieldMergingArgs) event.
Public classCode exampleMailMerge
Represents the mail merge functionality.
Public classCode exampleMailMergeRegionInfo
Contains information about a mail merge region.
Public classCode exampleMappedDataFieldCollection
Allows to automatically map between names of fields in your data source and names of mail merge fields in the document.
Public interfaceCode exampleIFieldMergingCallback
Implement this interface if you want to control how data is inserted into merge fields during a mail merge operation.
Public interfaceCode exampleIMailMergeCallback
Implement this interface if you want to receive notifications while mail merge is performed.
Public interfaceCode exampleIMailMergeDataSource
Implement this interface to allow mail merge from a custom data source, such as a list of objects. Master-detail data is also supported.
Public interfaceCode exampleIMailMergeDataSourceRoot
Implement this interface to allow mail merge from a custom data source with master-detail data.
Public enumerationCode exampleMailMergeCleanupOptions
Specifies options that determine what items are removed during mail merge.
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