The Aspose.Words namespace provides classes for generating, converting, modifying, rendering and printing Microsoft Word documents without utilizing Microsoft Word.

Aspose.Words is written completely in C#, CLS compliant and contains only safe managed code. Microsoft Word is not required in order to use Aspose.Words.

The classes in the Aspose.Words namespace borrow best practices from two well-known frameworks: Microsoft Word Automation and System.Xml. A document in Aspose.Words is represented by a tree of nodes, much like in XML DOM. Where possible, class, method and property names match those found in Microsoft Word Automation.

The main classes in this namespace are:

  • Document is the main class of the object model that represents a Microsoft Word document.
  • DocumentBuilder provides an easy way to insert content and formatting into a document.
  • Node is the base class for all nodes in the document.
  • CompositeNode is the base class for all nodes of the document that can contain other nodes, for example Paragraph, Section and Table.

The Aspose.Words.BuildingBlocks namespace provides classes that allow to access and use AutoText, AutoCorrect entries and Building Blocks in a document.


The Aspose.Words.Drawing namespace provides classes that allow to create and modify drawing objects.

All drawing objects in in Microsoft Word documents are represented by instances of the Shape and GroupShape classes. An object of the Shape class is a node in a document and can represent a picture, textbox, AutoShape or an OLE object.

The classes in this namespace support the latest (Word 2007 - 2013 DrawingML) and the earlier (pre Word 2007 - Office Art) shapes.


The Aspose.Words.Drawing.Charts namespace provides classes that allow to access charts in Microsoft Word documents.

The chart supported are Word 2007 (or higher) DrawingML Charts.


Contains classes to work with OLE / ActiveX controls and forms in Microsoft Word documents.


The Aspose.Words.Fields namespace contains classes that represent Microsoft Word fields in a document.


The Aspose.Words.Fonts namespace provides classes and enumerations to access information about fonts used in a document.


The Aspose.Words.Layout namespace provides classes that allow to access information such as on what page and where on a page particular document elements are positioned, when the document is formatted into pages.


The Aspose.Words.Lists namespace contains classes for working with bulleted and numbered lists defined in a document.


The Aspose.Words.Loading namespace provides classes and enumerations that allow to specify additional options when loading documents.


The Aspose.Words.MailMerging namespace contains classes of the "original" mail merge reporting engine.

This reporting engine requires the document to be marked up with Microsoft Word mail merge fields, but supports more functionality than Microsoft Word's mail merge.

The engine allows to quickly and easily populate a report template with data from various sources such as DataTable, DataSet, DataView, IDataReader or an array of values.

The MailMerge object which provides access to the reporting functionality is available via the Document.MailMerge property.

For the newer and more advanced reporting engine based on the LINQ method syntax see Aspose.Words.Reporting.


The Aspose.Words.Markup namespace contains classes that represent customer defined semantics in a document: smart tags, custom XML and structured document tags (content controls).


The Aspose.Words.Math namespace contains classes that represent Office Math elements.


The Aspose.Words.Properties namespace provides classes to work with custom and built-in document properties such as title, keywords, company etc.


The Aspose.Words.Rendering namespace provides classes that allow to customize printing or rendering of documents.

To actually render, print or convert a document use the corresponding methods on the Document object.


The Aspose.Words.Replacing namespace provides classes to manipulate with find/replace operations over the document tree.


This namespace contains classes of the Aspose.Words' new reporting engine that supports report templates marked up with a language based on the LINQ Method Syntax.

This new reporting engine is more advanced than the original mail merge reporting engine Aspose.Words.MailMerging and allows to retrieve data from any .NET class, perform grouping, sorting, joining and interpret C# expressions.


The Aspose.Words.Saving namespace provides classes and enumerations that allow to specify additional options for saving or converting documents.


The Aspose.Words.Settings namespace contains classes and enums that are used when specifying various settings and options stored in a document. These are mail merge, write protection, compatibility and other settings.

The Aspose.Words.Shaping namespace contains classes to provide support for OpenType features using external text shaping engines.

The Aspose.Words.Tables namespace contains classes that represent tables, rows, cells and their formatting.


The Aspose.Words.Themes namespace provides classes that allow to access theme information in Microsoft Word documents.

A document theme can specify fonts and colors to be used in a document. Themes are supported in Word 2007 and higher.


The Aspose.Words.WebExtensions namespace provides classes that allow to customize elements and attributes that extend the XML vocabulary for representing Office Add-ins.