Class RevisionsView

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.aspose.words.RevisionsView
public class RevisionsView 
extends java.lang.Object

Utility class containing constants. Allows to specify whether to work with the original or revised version of a document.


Shows how to switch between the revised and the original view of a document.
Document doc = new Document(getMyDir() + "Revisions at list levels.docx");

ParagraphCollection paragraphs = doc.getFirstSection().getBody().getParagraphs();
Assert.assertEquals("1.", paragraphs.get(0).getListLabel().getLabelString());
Assert.assertEquals("a.", paragraphs.get(1).getListLabel().getLabelString());
Assert.assertEquals("", paragraphs.get(2).getListLabel().getLabelString());

// View the document object as if all the revisions are accepted. Currently supports list labels.

Assert.assertEquals("", paragraphs.get(0).getListLabel().getLabelString());
Assert.assertEquals("1.", paragraphs.get(1).getListLabel().getLabelString());
Assert.assertEquals("a.", paragraphs.get(2).getListLabel().getLabelString());

Field Summary
static final intORIGINAL = 0
Specifies original version of a document.
static final intFINAL = 1
Specifies revised version of a document.

    • Field Detail

      • ORIGINAL = 0

        public static final int ORIGINAL
        Specifies original version of a document.
      • FINAL = 1

        public static final int FINAL
        Specifies revised version of a document.