TaskCollectionAdd Method

Overload List
Public methodCode exampleAdd
Adds new task to project tasks collection on the same outline level of the last task.
Public methodCode exampleAdd(String)
Adds a new task to children tasks collection.
Public methodCode exampleAdd(RecurringTaskParameters)
Inserts a new task before a task with the specified id and on the same outline level.
Public methodCode exampleAdd(Task)
Add the specified task to the instance of the TaskCollection class. If ParentProject.CalculationMode is None user should invoke Project.Recalculate() after using this method (It will reschedule all project tasks (start/finish dates, sets early/late dates) and calculate the dependent fields such as slacks, work and cost fields, ids and outline levels). If ParentProject.CalculationMode is Manual the method will calculate only task id, outline level and outline numbers automatically. If ParentProject.CalculationMode is Automatic the method reschedules all project's tasks automatically (start/finish dates, sets early/late dates, calculates slacks, work and cost fields, recalculates ids and outline levels).
Public methodCode exampleAdd(String, Int32)
Adds a new recurring task to children tasks collection.
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