EffectFormat Properties

The EffectFormat type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBlurEffect
Blur effect. Read/write IBlur.
Public propertyFillOverlayEffect
Fill overlay effect. Read/write IFillOverlay.
Public propertyGlowEffect
Glow effect. Read/write IGlow.
Public propertyInnerShadowEffect
Inner shadow. Read/write IInnerShadow.
Public propertyIsNoEffects
Returns true if all effects are disabled (as just created, default EffectFormat object). Read-only Boolean.
Public propertyOuterShadowEffect
Outer shadow. Read/write IOuterShadow.
Public propertyPresetShadowEffect
Preset shadow. Read/write IPresetShadow.
Public propertyReflectionEffect
Reflection. Read/write IReflection.
Public propertySoftEdgeEffect
Soft edge. Read/write ISoftEdge.
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