Column Properties

The Column type exposes the following members.

Public propertyColumnFormat
Returns the ColumnFormat object that contains formatting properties for this column. Read-only IColumnFormat.
Public propertyCount
Returns the number of cells in a collection. Read-only Int32.
(Inherited from CellCollection.)
Public propertyIsSynchronized
Returns a value indicating whether access to the collection is synchronized (thread-safe). Read-only Boolean.
(Inherited from CellCollection.)
Public propertyItem
Returns a cell by it's position. Read-only Cell.
(Inherited from CellCollection.)
Public propertyPresentation
Returns the parent presentation of a CellCollection. Read-only IPresentation.
(Inherited from CellCollection.)
Public propertySlide
Returns the parent slide of a CellCollection. Read-only IBaseSlide.
(Inherited from CellCollection.)
Public propertySyncRoot
Returns a synchronization root. Read-only Object.
(Inherited from CellCollection.)
Public propertyWidth
Returns or sets the width of a column. Read/write Double.
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