Aspose.Slides.Warnings Namespace

Contains classes that represents various kind of warnings
Public interfaceIKnownIssueWarningInfo
Represents a warning about known issue which won't be fixed in the near future.
Public interfaceINotImplementedWarningInfo
Represents a warning about known not implemented feature which won't be implemented in the near future.
Public interfaceIObsoletePresLockingBehaviorWarningInfo
This warning indicates that an obsolete presentation locking behavior is used.
Public interfaceIPresentationSignedWarningInfo
This warning indicates that the presentation being read has the signature and this signature will be removed during processing.
Public interfaceIWarningCallback
Ibterface for classes which receive warning
Public interfaceIWarningInfo
Represents a base interface for all warnings.
Public enumerationReturnAction
Represents warning callback decision options.
Public enumerationWarningType
Represents a type of warning.