Point Properties

The Point type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFormula
Formulas within values, from, to, by attributes can be made up of these: Standard arithmetic operators: ‘+’, ‘-‘, ‘*’, ‘/’, ‘^’, ‘%’ (mod) Constants: ‘pi’ ‘e’ Conditional operators: ‘abs’, ‘min’, ‘max’, ‘?’ (if) Comparison operators: '==', '>=', '', '!=', '!' Trigonometric operators: ‘sin()’, ‘cos()’, ‘tan()’, ‘asin()’, ‘acos()’, ‘atan()’ Natural logarithm ‘ln()’ Property references (host supported properties) for example: "#ppt_x+(cos(-2*pi*(1-$))*-#ppt_x-sin(-2*pi*(1-$))*(1-#ppt_y))*(1-$)" Read/write String.
Public propertyTime
Represents time value. Read/write Single.
Public propertyValue
Represents point value. Only: bool, ColorFormat, float, int, string. Read/write Object.
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