Interface ITextFrameFormatEffectiveData

  • public interface ITextFrameFormatEffectiveData

    Immutable object which contains effective text frame formatting properties.

    This interface is used together with the ITextFrameFormat interface to return effective formatting values with inheritance applied.
    • Method Detail

      • getMarginLeft

        double getMarginLeft()

        Returns the left margin (points) in a TextFrame. Read-only double.

      • getMarginRight

        double getMarginRight()

        Returns the right margin (points) in a TextFrame. Read-only double.

      • getMarginTop

        double getMarginTop()

        Returns the top margin (points) in a TextFrame. Read-only double.

      • getMarginBottom

        double getMarginBottom()

        Returns the bottom margin (points) in a TextFrame. Read-only double.

      • getWrapText

        boolean getWrapText()

        Returns if text is wrapped at TextFrame's margins. Read-only boolean.

      • getAnchoringType

        byte getAnchoringType()

        Returns vertical anchor text in a TextFrame. Read-only TextAnchorType.

      • getCenterText

        boolean getCenterText()

        Returns if text should be centered in box horizontally. Read-only boolean.

      • getTextVerticalType

        byte getTextVerticalType()

        Returns text orientation. Read-only TextVerticalType.

      • getAutofitType

        byte getAutofitType()

        Returns text autofit mode. Read-only TextAutofitType.