Interface IReflectionEffectiveData

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    public interface IReflectionEffectiveData

    Immutable object which represents a reflection effect.

    • Method Detail

      • getStartPosAlpha

        float getStartPosAlpha()

        Specifies the start position (along the alpha gradient ramp) of the start alpha value (percents). Read-only float.

      • getEndPosAlpha

        float getEndPosAlpha()

        Specifies the end position (along the alpha gradient ramp) of the end alpha value (percents). Read-only float.

      • getFadeDirection

        float getFadeDirection()

        Specifies the direction to offset the reflection. (angle). Read-only float.

      • getStartReflectionOpacity

        float getStartReflectionOpacity()

        Starting reflection opacity. (percents). Read-only float.

      • getEndReflectionOpacity

        float getEndReflectionOpacity()

        End reflection opacity. (percents). Read-only float.

      • getBlurRadius

        double getBlurRadius()

        Blur radius. Read-only double.

      • getDirection

        float getDirection()

        Direction of reflection. Read-only float.

      • getDistance

        double getDistance()

        Distance of reflection. Read-only double.

      • getRectangleAlign

        byte getRectangleAlign()

        Rectangle alignment. Read-only RectangleAlignment.

      • getSkewHorizontal

        double getSkewHorizontal()

        Specifies the horizontal skew angle. Read-only double.

      • getSkewVertical

        double getSkewVertical()

        Specifies the vertical skew angle. Read-only double.

      • getRotateShadowWithShape

        boolean getRotateShadowWithShape()

        Specifies whether the reflection should rotate with the shape if the shape is rotated. Read-only boolean.

      • getScaleHorizontal

        double getScaleHorizontal()

        Specifies the horizontal scaling factor, negative scaling causes a flip. (percents) Read-only double.

      • getScaleVertical

        double getScaleVertical()

        Specifies the vertical scaling factor, negative scaling causes a flip. (percents) Read-only double.