Interface IBasePortionFormatEffectiveData

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    public interface IBasePortionFormatEffectiveData

    Base interface for immutable objects which contain effective text portion formatting properties.

    • Method Detail

      • getHighlightColor

        java.awt.Color getHighlightColor()

        Returns the color used to highlight a text. Read-only Color.

      • getFontBold

        boolean getFontBold()

        Determines whether the font is bold. Read-only boolean.

      • getFontItalic

        boolean getFontItalic()

        Determines whether the font is itallic. Read-only boolean.

      • getKumimoji

        boolean getKumimoji()

        Determines whether the numbers should ignore text eastern language-specific vertical text layout. Read-only boolean.

      • getNormaliseHeight

        boolean getNormaliseHeight()

        Determines whether the height of a text should be normalized. Read-only boolean.

      • getProofDisabled

        boolean getProofDisabled()

        Determines whether the text shouldn't be proofed. Read-only boolean.

      • getFontUnderline

        byte getFontUnderline()

        Returns the text underline type. Read-only TextUnderlineType.

      • getTextCapType

        byte getTextCapType()

        Returns the type of text capitalization. Read-only TextCapType.

      • getStrikethroughType

        byte getStrikethroughType()

        Returns the strikethrough type of a text. Read-only TextStrikethroughType.

      • getSmartTagClean

        boolean getSmartTagClean()

        Determines whether the smart tag should be cleaned. Read-only boolean.

      • isHardUnderlineLine

        boolean isHardUnderlineLine()

        Determines whether the underline style has own LineFormat properties or inherits it from the LineFormat properties of the text. Read-only boolean.

      • isHardUnderlineFill

        boolean isHardUnderlineFill()

        Determines whether the underline style has own FillFormat properties or inherits it from the FillFormat properties of the text. Read-only boolean.

      • getFontHeight

        float getFontHeight()

        Returns the font height of a portion. Read-only float.

      • getLatinFont

        IFontData getLatinFont()

        Returns the Latin font info. Read-only IFontData.

      • getEastAsianFont

        IFontData getEastAsianFont()

        Returns the East Asian font info. Read-only IFontData.

      • getComplexScriptFont

        IFontData getComplexScriptFont()

        Returns the complex script font info. Read-only IFontData.

      • getSymbolFont

        IFontData getSymbolFont()

        Returns the symbolic font info. Read-only IFontData.

      • getEscapement

        float getEscapement()

        Returns the superscript or subscript text. Value from -100% (subscript) to 100% (superscript). Read-only float.

      • getKerningMinimalSize

        float getKerningMinimalSize()

        Returns the minimal font size, for which kerning should be switched on. Read-only float.

      • getLanguageId

        java.lang.String getLanguageId()

        Returns the Id of a language. Read-only String.

      • getAlternativeLanguageId

        java.lang.String getAlternativeLanguageId()

        Returns the Id of an alternative language. Read-only String.

      • getSpacing

        float getSpacing()

        Returns the intercharacter spacing increment. Read-only float.