Interface IBulletFormatEffectiveData

  • public interface IBulletFormatEffectiveData

    Immutable object which contains effective paragraph bullet formatting properties.

    This interface is used as a part of IParagraphFormatEffectiveData.
    • Method Detail

      • getType

        byte getType()

        Returns the bullet type of a paragraph. Read-only BulletType.

      • getChar

        char getChar()

        Returns the bullet char of a paragraph. Read-only char.

      • getFont

        IFontData getFont()

        Returns the bullet font of a paragraph. Read-only IFontData.

      • getHeight

        float getHeight()

        Returns the bullet height of a paragraph. Read-only float.

      • getNumberedBulletStartWith

        short getNumberedBulletStartWith()

        Returns the first number which is used for group of numbered bullets. Read-only short.

      • getNumberedBulletStyle

        byte getNumberedBulletStyle()

        Returns the style of a numbered bullet. Read-only NumberedBulletStyle(getNumberedBulletStyle()).

      • getColor

        java.lang.Integer getColor()

        Returns the color of a bullet. Read-only Color(getColor()).