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Aspose.Pdf.Text Namespace
The Aspose.Pdf.Text namespace provides classes that allow to extract text, add text, manipulate existing text of a document. It also contain classes that allow to extract, replace, substitute fonts of a document.
Public classAbsorbedCell
Represents cell of table that exist on the page
Public classAbsorbedRow
Represents row of table that exist on the page
Public classAbsorbedTable
Represents table that exist on the page
Public classCharInfo
Represents a character info object. Provides character positioning information.
Public classCode exampleCharInfoCollection
Represents CharInfo objects collection.
Public classCustomFontSubstitutionBase
Represents a base class for custom font substitution strategy.
Public classCustomFontSubstitutionBaseOriginalFontSpecification
Represents original font specification.
Public classFileFontSource
Represents single font file source.
Public classFolderFontSource
Represents the folder that contains font files.
Public classCode exampleFont
Represents font object.
Public classFontAbsorber
Represents an absorber object of fonts. Performs search for fonts and provides access to search results via Fonts collection.
Public classCode exampleFontCollection
Represents font collection.
Public classCode exampleFontRepository
Performs font search. Searches in system installed fonts and standard Pdf fonts. Also provides functionality to open custom fonts.
Public classFontSource
Represents a base class fot font source.
Public classFontSourceCollection
Represents font sources collection.
Public classFontSubstitution
Represents a base class fot font substitution strategies.
Public classFontSubstitutionCollection
Represents font substitution strategies collection.
Public classMarkupParagraph
Represents a paragraph.
Public classMarkupSection
Represents a markup section - the rectangular region of a page that contains text and can be visually divided from another text blocks.
Public classMemoryFontSource
Represents single font file source.
Public classPageMarkup
Page markup represented by collections of MarkupSection and MarkupParagraph.
Public classCode exampleParagraphAbsorber
Represents an absorber object of page structure objects such as sections and paragraphs. Performs search for sections and paragraphs of text and provides access for rectangles and polydons that describes it in text coordinate space. Also performs text segments search and provides access to search results via [!:TextFragments] collections grouped by structure elements.
Public classPosition
Represents a position object
Public classSimpleFontSubstitution
Represents a class for simple font substitution strategy.
Public classSystemFontSource
Represents all fonts installed to the system.
Public classSystemFontsSubstitution
Represents a class for font substitution strategy that substitutes fonts with system fonts.
Public classCode exampleTableAbsorber
Represents an absorber object of table elements. Performs search and provides access to search results via TableList collection.
Public classTabStop
Represents a custom Tab stop position in a paragraph.
Public classTabStops
Represents a collection of TabStop objects.
Public classCode exampleTextAbsorber
Represents an absorber object of a text. Performs text extraction and provides access to the result via Text object.
Public classTextBuilder
Appends text object to Pdf page.
Public classTextEditOptions
Descubes options of text edit operations.
Public classTextExtractionError
Describes the text extraction error has appeared in the PDF document.
Public classTextExtractionErrorLocation
Represents the location in the PDF document where text extraction error has appeared.
Public classTextExtractionOptions
Represents text extraction options
Public classTextFormattingOptions
Represents text formatting options
Public classCode exampleTextFragment
Represents fragment of Pdf text.
Public classCode exampleTextFragmentAbsorber
Represents an absorber object of text fragments. Performs text search and provides access to search results via TextFragments collection.
Public classTextFragmentCollection
Represents a text fragments collection
Public classCode exampleTextFragmentState
Represents a text state of a text fragment.
Public classTextOptions
Represents text processing options
Public classCode exampleTextParagraph
Represents text paragraphs as multiline text object.
Public classTextReplaceOptions
Represents text replace options
Public classTextSearchOptions
Represents text search options
Public classCode exampleTextSegment
Represents segment of Pdf text.
Public classTextSegmentCollection
Represents a text segments collection
Public classTextState
Represents a text state of a text
Public interfaceIFontOptions
Useful properties to tune Font behaviour
Public interfaceITableElement
This interface represents an element of existing table extracted by TableAbsorber.
Public enumerationFontStyles
Specifies style information applied to text.
Public enumerationFontTypes
Supported font types enumeration.
Public enumerationSubstitutionFontCategories
Represents font categories that can be substituted.
Public enumerationTabAlignmentType
Enumerates the tab alignment types.
Public enumerationTabLeaderType
Enumerates the tab leader types.
Public enumerationTextEditOptionsClippingPathsProcessingMode
Clipping path processing modes
Public enumerationTextEditOptionsFontReplace
Font replacement behavior.
Public enumerationTextEditOptionsLanguageTransformation
Language transformation modes
Public enumerationTextEditOptionsNoCharacterAction
Action to perform if font does not contain required character
Public enumerationTextExtractionOptionsTextFormattingMode
Defines different modes which can be used while converting pdf document into text. See [!:TextDevice] class.
Public enumerationTextFormattingOptionsLineSpacingMode
Defines line spacing specifics
Public enumerationTextFormattingOptionsWordWrapMode
Defines word wrapping strategies
Public enumerationTextRenderingMode
The text rendering mode, Tmode, determines whether showing text shall cause glyph outlines to be stroked, filled, used as a clipping boundary, or some combination of the three.
Public enumerationTextReplaceOptionsReplaceAdjustment
Determines action that will be done after replace of text fragment to more short. None - no action, replaced text may overlaps rest of the line; AdjustSpaceWidth - tries adjust spaces between words to keep line length; WholeWordsHyphenation - tries distribute words between paragraph lines to keep paragraph's right field; ShiftRestOfLine - shifts rest of the line according to changing length of text, length of the line may be changed; Default value is ShiftRestOfLine.
Public enumerationTextReplaceOptionsScope
Scope where replace text operation is applied REPLACE_FIRST by default This obsolete option was kept for compatibility. It affects to PdfContentEditor and has no effect to TextFragmentAbsorber.