Aspose.Pdf.Forms Namespace
The Aspose.Pdf.Forms namespace has classes which describes forms (standard, static, dynamic) and various types of fields like text box, list box, radio button etc.
Public classBarcodeField
Class represents barcode field.
Public classButtonField
Class represnets push button field.
Public classCheckboxField
Class representing checkbox field
Public classChoiceField
Represents base class for choice fields.
Public classComboBoxField
Class representing Combobox field of the form.
Public classDocMDPSignature
Represents the class of document MDP (modification detection and prevention) signature type.
Public classExternalSignature
Creates a detached PKCS#7Detached signature using a X509Certificate2. It supports usb smartcards, tokens without exportable private keys.
Public classField
Base class for acro form fields.
Public classFileSelectBoxField
Field for file select box element.
Public classForm
Class representing form object.
Public classFormFlattenSettings
Class which describes settings for Form flattening procedure.
Public classIconFit
Describes how the widget annotation's icon shall be displayed within its annotation rectangle.
Public classListBoxField
Class represents ListBox field.
Public classOption
Class represents option of choice field.
Public classOptionCollection
Class representing collection of options of the choice field.
Public classPasswordBoxField
Class descibes text field for entering password.
Public classPKCS1
Represents signature object regarding PKCS#1 standard. RSA encryption algorithm and SHA-1 digest method are used for signing.
Public classPKCS7
Represents the PKCS#7 object that conform to the PKCS#7 specification in Internet RFC 2315, PKCS #7: Cryptographic Message Syntax, Version 1.5. The SHA1 digest of the document's byte range is encapsulated in the PKCS#7 SignedData field.
Public classPKCS7Detached
Represents the PKCS#7 object that conform to the PKCS#7 specification in Internet RFC 2315, PKCS #7: Cryptographic Message Syntax, Version 1.5. The original signed message digest over the document's byte range is incorporated as the normal PKCS#7 SignedData field. No data shall is encapsulated in the PKCS#7 SignedData field.
Public classRadioButtonField
Class representing radio button field.
Public classRadioButtonOptionField
Class represents item of RadioButton field.
Public classRichTextBoxField
Class describes rich text editor component.
Public classSignature
An abstract class which represents signature object in the pdf document. Signatures are fields with values of signature objects, the last contain data which is used to verify the document validity.
Public classSignatureCustomAppearance
An abstract class which represents signature custon appearance object.
Public classSignatureField
Represents signature form field.
Public classTextBoxField
Class representing text box field.
Public classXFA
Represents XML form regarding XML Forms Architecture (XFA).
Public enumerationBoxStyle
Public enumerationDocMDPAccessPermissions
The access permissions granted for this document. Valid values are: 1 - No changes to the document are permitted; any change to the document invalidates the signature. 2 - Permitted changes are filling in forms, instantiating page templates, and signing; other changes invalidate the signature. 3 - Permitted changes are the same as for 2, as well as annotation creation, deletion, and modification; other changes invalidate the signature.
Public enumerationFormSignDependentElementsRenderingModes
Forms can contain signing information and can be signed or unsigned. Sometimes view of forms in viewer must depend on whether form is signed or not. This enum enumerates possible rendering modes during convertion of form type in regard to sign.
Public enumerationFormType
Enumeration of posible types of Acro Form.
Public enumerationIconCaptionPosition
Describes position of icon.
Public enumerationScalingMode
The type of scaling that shall be used.
Public enumerationScalingReason
The circumstances under which the icon shall be scaled inside the annotation rectangle.
Public enumerationSymbology
A (Barcode) Symbology defines the technical details of a particular type of barcode: the width of the bars, character set, method of encoding, checksum specifications, etc.