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Aspose.Pdf.Facades Namespace
The Aspose.Pdf.Facades namespace provides classes originaly came from Aspose.Pdf.Kit. These classes are used for manipulating documents perfoming operations like concatenating, stamping, signing, annotating etc. but on the high level without access to a document's inner structure.
Public classAlignmentType Obsolete.
Class contains possibly alignment types.
Public classCode exampleAutoFiller
Represents a class to receive data from database or other datasource, fills them into the designed fields of the template pdf and at last generates new pdf file or stream. It has two template file input modes:input as a stream or a pdf file. It has four types of output modes:one merged stream, one merged file, many small streams, many small files. It can recieve literal data contained in a System.Data.DataTable.
Public classBookmark
Represents a bookmark.
Public classBookmarks
Represents a collection of Bookmark objects.
Public classCode exampleDocumentPrivilege
Represents the privileges for accessing Pdf file. Refer toPdfFileSecurity. There are 4 ways using this class: 1.Using predefined privilege directly. 2.Based on a predefined privilege and change some specifical permissions. 3.Based on a predefined privilege and change some specifical Adobe Professional permissions combination. 4.Mixes the way2 and way3.
Public classFacade
Base facade class.
Public classFontColor
Class representing color of the text.
Public classForm
Class representing Acro form object.
Public classFormFormImportResult
Class which describes result if field import.
Public classFormattedText
Class which represents formatted text. Contains information about text and its color, size, style.
Public classFormDataConverter
Represents a class to convert data from one format to another format. It can convert the data in fdf/xml/pdf/xfdf to the OLEDB/OdbcDB. It also can convert the data in the OLEDB/OdbcDB to the data in fdf/xml/xfdf. It can convert the fdf to the xml with "hard-named" tag.
Public classFormEditor
Class for editing forms (ading/deleting field etc)
Public classFormFieldFacade
Class for representing field properties.
Public classLineInfo
Represents the information of line.
Public classPdfAnnotationEditor
Represents a class for work with PDF document annotations (comments).
Public classPdfBookmarkEditor
Represents a class to work with PDF file's bookmarks including create, modify, export, import and delete.
Public classPdfContentEditor
Represents a class to edit PDF file's content.
Public classPdfConverter
Represents a class to convert a pdf file's each page to images, supporting BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF now. Supported content in pdfs: pictures, form, comment.
Public classPdfExtractor
Class for extracting images and text from PDF document.
Public classPdfFileEditor
Implements operations with PDF file: concatenation, splitting, extracting pages, making booklet, etc.
Public classPdfFileEditorContentsResizeParameters
Class for specifing page resize parameters. Allow to set the following parameters: Size of result page (width, height) in default space units or in percents of initial pages size; Left, Top, Bottom and Right margins in default space units or in percents of initial page size; Some values may be left null for automatic calculation. These values will be calculated from rest of page size after calculation explicitly specified values. For example: if page width = 100 and new page width specified 60 units then left and right margins are automatically calculated: (100 - 60) / 2 = 15. This class is used in ResizeContents method.
Public classPdfFileEditorContentsResizeValue
Value of margin or content size specified in percents of default space units. This class is used in ContentsResizeParameters.
Public classPdfFileEditorCorruptedItem
Class which provides information about corrupted files in time of concatenation.
Public classPdfFileEditorPageBreak
Data of page break position.
Public classPdfFileInfo
Represents a class for accessing meta information of PDF document.
Public classPdfFileMend
Represents a class for adding texts and images on the pages of existing PDF document.
Public classPdfFileSecurity
Represents encrypting or decrypting a Pdf file with owner or user password, changing the security setting and password.
Public classPdfFileSignature
Represents a class to sign a pdf file with a certificate.
Public classPdfFileStamp
Class for adding stamps (watermark or background) to PDF files.
Public classPdfJavaScriptStripper
Class for removing all Java Script code.
Public classPdfPageEditor
Represents a class to edit the PDF file's page, including rotating page, zooming page, moving position and changing page size.
Public classPdfPrintPageInfo
Represents an object that contains current printing page info.
Public classCode examplePdfProducer
Represents a class to produce PDF from other formats.
This sample shows how to produce Pdf file from CGM file.
string inputFile = "myImage.cgm";
string outputFile = "myPdf.pdf";
    PdfProducer.Produce(inputFile, ImportFormat.Cgm, outputFile);
    // Success produced pdf file.
catch (InvalidCgmFileFormatException e)
    //  Do something...
Public classPdfViewer
Represents a class to view or print a pdf.
Public classPdfXmpMetadata
Class for manipulation with XMP metadata.
Public classReplaceTextStrategy
This class contains parameters which define PdfContentEditor behavior when ReplaceText operation is performed.
Public classSaveableFacade
Base class for all saveable facades.
Public classStamp
Class represeting stamp.
Public classStampInfo
Class representing stamp information.
Public classTextProperties
Represents text properties such as: text size, color, style etc.
Public classVerticalAlignmentType Obsolete.
Class representing possible vertical alignment values.
Public classViewerPreference
Describes viewer prefereces (page mode, non full screen page mode, page layout).
Public interfaceIFacade
General facade interface that defines common facades methods.
Public interfaceISaveableFacade
Facade interface that defines methods common for all saveable facades.
Public delegatePdfQueryPageSettingsEventHandler
Represents the method that handles the QueryPageSettings event of a PrintDocument.
Public enumerationAlgorithm
Represents algorithms which can be used to encrypt pdf document.
Public enumerationAutoRotateMode
Direction of the rotation when document is printed.
Public enumerationBlendingColorSpace
Class represents blending color space.
Public enumerationDataType
Enumerates field types definitions.
Public enumerationDefaultMetadataProperties
Enumeration of standard XMP properties.
Public enumerationEncodingType
Enumerates encoding types of the text using.
Public enumerationFieldType
Enumeration of possible field types.
Public enumerationFontStyle
Enumerates 14 types of font.
Public enumerationFormImportStatus
Status of imported field
Public enumerationKeySize
Defines different key sizes which can be used to encrypt pdf documents.
Public enumerationPdfFileEditorConcatenateCorruptedFileAction
Action performed when corrupted file was met in concatenation process.
Public enumerationPositioningMode
Defines positioning mode. Possible values include Legacy (backward compatibility) and Current (updated text position calculation method)
Public enumerationPropertyFlag
Enumeration of possible field flags.
Public enumerationReplaceTextStrategyNoCharacterAction
Action to perform if font does not contain required character
Public enumerationReplaceTextStrategyScope
Scope where replace text operation is applied REPLACE_FIRST by default
Public enumerationStampType
Describes stamp types.
Public enumerationSubmitFormFlag
Enumeration of possible submit form flags.
Public enumerationWordWrapMode
Defines word wrapping strategies