Class SetColorStroke

  • public class SetColorStroke
    extends BasicSetColorOperator

    Class representing SC operator set color for stroking color operators.

    • Constructor Detail

      • SetColorStroke

        public SetColorStroke()

        Initializes operator.

      • SetColorStroke

        public SetColorStroke(int index,
                              com.aspose.pdf.engine.commondata.pagecontent.operators.commands.ICommand command)

        Constructor for operator class.

        index - Index of operator.
        command - Operator command.
      • SetColorStroke

        public SetColorStroke(double g)

        Set color for stroking operators for DeviceGrey, CalGrey and Indexed color spaces.

        g - Colro value.
      • SetColorStroke

        public SetColorStroke(double r,
                              double g,
                              double b)

        Set color for stroking operator for DeviceRGB, CalRGB, and Lab color spaces

        r - Red component.
        g - Green component.
        b - Blue component.
      • SetColorStroke

        public SetColorStroke(double[] color)

        Constructor which allows to set color components.

        color - Array of color components.
      • SetColorStroke

        public SetColorStroke(double c,
                              double m,
                              double y,
                              double k)

        Set color for strokinbg operator for CMYK colro space

        c - cyan component.
        m - Magenta component.
        y - Yellow component.
        k - Black component.
    • Method Detail

      • getColor

        public Color getColor()
        Not supported yet.

        Returns color specified by operator.

        Specified by:
        getColor in class SetColorOperator
        Color specified by operator.
      • accept

        public void accept(IOperatorSelector visitor)

        Accepts visitor object to process operator.

        Specified by:
        accept in class Operator
        visitor - Visitor object.