Class FieldType

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.aspose.pdf.facades.FieldType

  • public final class FieldType

    Enumeration of possible field types.

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      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static int Barcode
      Barcode field.
      static int CheckBox
      Check box field.
      static int ComboBox
      Combo box field.
      static int DateTime
      Date/time field
      static int Image
      Image field.
      static int InvalidNameOrType
      Invalid field type.
      static int ListBox
      List box field.
      static int MultiLineText
      Multiline text field.
      static int Numeric
      Numeric field
      static int PushButton
      Push button field.
      static int Radio
      Radio button field.
      static int Signature
      Signature field.
      static int Text
      Text field.
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