Aspose.Note Namespace

The Aspose.Note namespace contains classes which represent document structure.
Public classAttachedFile
Represents an attached file.
Public classCompositeNodeT
The base generic class for nodes that can contain other nodes.
Public classCompositeNodeBase
The non-generic class for nodes that can contain other nodes.
Public classDisplayUnitsConverter
Public classDocument
Represents an Aspose.Note document.
Public classDocumentVisitor
The abstract class for iterating through subtree with root at the specified node.
Public classFileCorruptedException
Public classImage
Represents an Image.
Public classIncorrectDocumentStructureException
Public classIncorrectPasswordException
Public classCode exampleLicense
Provides methods to license the component.
Public classLoadOptions
Options used to load a document.
Public classNode
The base class for all nodes of an Aspose.Note document.
Public classNotebook
Represents an Aspose.Note notebook.
Public classNotebookLoadOptions
Options used to load a notebook.
Public classNoteTag
Specifies the note tag.
Public classNoteTagCore
The base class for note tag and note task.
Public classNoteTask
Specifies the note task.
Public classNumberList
Represents the numbered or bulleted list.
Public classOutline
Represents a Outline.
Public classOutlineElement
Represents a OutlineElement.
Public classOutlineGroup
Represents a OutlineGroup.
Public classPage
Represents a page.
Public classPageHistory
Represents the page history.
Public classRevisionSummary
Represents a summary for node's revision.
Public classRichText
Represents a rich text.
Public classTable
Represents a table.
Public classTableCell
Represents a table cell.
Public classTableColumn
Represents a table column.
Public classTableRow
Represents a table row.
Public classTextStyle
Specifies the text style.
Public classTitle
Represents a title.
Public classUnsupportedFileFormatException
Public classUnsupportedSaveFormatException
Public structureMargins
Specifies the dimensions of the margins of a node.
Public interfaceICompositeNode
The interface for nodes that can contain other nodes.
Public interfaceINode
The interface for all nodes of an Aspose.Note document.
Public interfaceINotebookChildNode
Represents an Aspose.Note notebook's child.
Public interfaceIOutlineChildNode
The interface for all child nodes of an outline node.
Public interfaceIOutlineElementChildNode
The interface for all child nodes of an outline element node.
Public interfaceIPageChildNode
The interface for all child nodes of a page node.
Public enumerationFileFormat
Represents OneNote file format.
Public enumerationHorizontalAlignment
Public enumerationNodeType
Specifies the type of the node.
Public enumerationNumberFormat
Specifies the numbering format that can be used for a group of automatically numbered objects. Full list is specified on MSDN
Public enumerationPageSizeType
Public enumerationSaveFormat
Indicates the format in which the document is saved.
Public enumerationTagIcon
Public enumerationTagStatus
Specifies the status of the note tag node.
Public enumerationTaskType
Specifies the type of the note task node.