Class EmfLogFontWeight

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.aspose.imaging.fileformats.emf.emf.consts.EmfLogFontWeight

  • public final class EmfLogFontWeight

    The FileFormats.Emf.Emf.Objects.EmfLogFont Weight.

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      Modifier and Type Field and Description
      static int FW_BLACK
      The black weight.
      static int FW_BOLD
      The bold weight.
      static int FW_DEMIBOLD
      The demibold weight.
      static int FW_DONTCARE
      The don't care
      static int FW_EXTRABOLD
      The extrabold weight.
      static int FW_EXTRALIGHT
      The extralight weight.
      static int FW_HEAVY
      The heavy weight.
      static int FW_LIGHT
      The light weight.
      static int FW_MEDIUM
      The medium weight.
      static int FW_NORMAL
      The normal weight.
      static int FW_REGULAR
      The regular weight.
      static int FW_SEMIBOLD
      The semibold weight.
      static int FW_THIN
      The thin weight.
      static int FW_ULTRABOLD
      The ultrabold weight.
      static int FW_ULTRALIGHT
      The ultralight weight.
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