Class DngImage

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IObjectWithBounds, IRasterImageArgb32PixelLoader, IRasterImageRawDataLoader, com.aspose.imaging_internal.IPixelsSaver, com.aspose.imaging_internal.progressmanagement.IProgressEventHandler, com.aspose.imaging_internal.progressmanagement.IProgressInformer,, Closeable, AutoCloseable

    public class DngImage
    extends RasterCachedImage

    Dng image representation class

    Code example:

    This example shows how to load a DNG image from a file, print its properties and save it to PNG.

    String dir = "c:\\temp\\";
    com.aspose.imaging.Image image = com.aspose.imaging.Image.load(dir + "test.dng");
    try {
        com.aspose.imaging.fileformats.dng.DngImage dngImage = (com.aspose.imaging.fileformats.dng.DngImage) image;
        com.aspose.imaging.fileformats.dng.decoder.RawData rawData = dngImage.getImgData();
        com.aspose.imaging.fileformats.dng.decoder.ImageParameters parameters = rawData.getImageDataParameters();
        if (parameters != null) {
            System.out.println("The camera manufacturer:              " + parameters.getCameraManufacturer());
            System.out.println("The camera model:                     " + parameters.getModel());
            System.out.println("The colors count:                     " + parameters.getColorsCount());
            System.out.println("The colors description:               " + parameters.getDescription());
            System.out.println("The DNG version:                      " + parameters.getDngVersion());
            System.out.println("The number of RAW images in the file: " + parameters.getRawCount());
            System.out.println("The software:                         " + parameters.getSoftware());
            System.out.println("The order of the color pixels:        " + Long.toBinaryString(parameters.getFilters()));
            String[] translationCfaDng = parameters.getTranslationCfaDng();
            if (translationCfaDng != null) {
                System.out.printf("The translation array for CFA mosaic %s:\r\n", translationCfaDng.length);
                for (String s : translationCfaDng) {
                    System.out.printf("- %s\r\n", s);
        com.aspose.imaging.fileformats.dng.decoder.ImageOtherParameters otherParameters = rawData.getImageOtherParameters();
        if (otherParameters != null) {
            // Convert timestamp to a human-readable string.
            //java.text.SimpleDateFormat sf = new java.text.SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd");
            java.util.Date date = new java.util.Date(otherParameters.getTimestamp());
            System.out.printf("The aperture:                         " + otherParameters.getAperture());
            System.out.printf("The description:                      " + otherParameters.getDescription());
            System.out.printf("The focal length:                     " + otherParameters.getFocalLength());
            System.out.printf("The ISO sensitivity:                  " + otherParameters.getIsoSpeed());
            System.out.printf("The serial number of the image:       " + otherParameters.getShotOrder());
            System.out.printf("The shutter speed:                    " + otherParameters.getShutterSpeed());
            System.out.printf("The date of shooting:                 " + date);
        // Export to PNG with default options. + "test.png", new com.aspose.imaging.imageoptions.PngOptions());
    } finally {
    // The camera manufacturer:              Leica
    // The camera model:                     M8 Digital Camera
    // The colors count:                     3
    // The colors description:               RGBG
    // The DNG version:                      16777216
    // The number of RAW images in the file: 1
    // The software:                         1.107
    // The order of the color pixels:        10110100101101001011010010110100
    // The aperture:                         0
    // The description:
    // The focal length:                     50
    // The ISO sensitivity:                  160
    // The serial number of the image:       0
    // The shutter speed:                    12
    // The date of shooting:                 8/3/2007 3:13:49 AM

    • Constructor Detail

      • DngImage

        public DngImage()

        Initializes a new instance of the DngImage class.

    • Method Detail

      • getBitsPerPixel

        public int getBitsPerPixel()

        Gets the image bits per pixel count.

        Value: The image bits per pixel count.
        Specified by:
        getBitsPerPixel in class Image
        The image bits per pixel count.
      • getHeight

        public int getHeight()

        Gets the image height.

        Value: The image height.
        Specified by:
        getHeight in interface IObjectWithBounds
        Specified by:
        getHeight in class Image
        The image height.
      • getWidth

        public int getWidth()

        Gets the image width.

        Value: The image width.
        Specified by:
        getWidth in interface IObjectWithBounds
        Specified by:
        getWidth in class Image
        The image width.
      • getFileFormat

        public long getFileFormat()

        Gets a value of file format

        getFileFormat in class Image
      • getImgData

        public RawData getImgData()

        Gets or sets the img data.

        Value: The img data.
      • setImgData

        public void setImgData(RawData value)

        Gets or sets the img data.

        Value: The img data.