Class ColorModels

  • java.lang.Object
        • com.aspose.imaging.fileformats.cmx.objectmodel.enums.ColorModels

  • public final class ColorModels

    Color models.

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      static int BW
      Black and White colors.
      static int CMY
      CMY color model.
      static int CMYK
      CMYK color model, represented in 0-100 byte ranges.
      static int CMYK255
      CMYK color model, represented in 0-255 byte ranges.
      static int Gray
      Grayscale color model.
      static int HLS
      HLS color model.
      static int HSB
      HSB color model.
      static int Invalid
      Invalid color model.
      static int LAB
      Lab color model.
      static int Pantone
      PANTONE palette.
      static int RGB
      RGM color model.
      static int YIQ255
      YIQ color model, represented in 0-255 byte ranges.
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