ICanvasRenderingContext2D Properties

The ICanvasRenderingContext2D type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCanvas
A read-only back-reference to the HTMLCanvasElement. Might be null if it is not associated with a canvas element.
Public propertyFillStyle
Color or style to use inside shapes. Default: (black).
Public propertyFont
Font setting. Default value 10px sans-serif
(Inherited from ICanvasDrawingStyles.)
Public propertyGlobalAlpha
Alpha value that is applied to shapes and images before they are composited onto the canvas. Default 1.0 (opaque).
Public propertyGlobalCompositeOperation
With globalAlpha applied this sets how shapes and images are drawn onto the existing bitmap. Default: (source-over)
Public propertyImageSmoothingEnabled
Image smoothing mode; if disabled, images will not be smoothed if scaled.
Public propertyLineCap
Type of endings on the end of lines. Possible values: butt (default), round, square.
(Inherited from ICanvasDrawingStyles.)
Public propertyLineDashOffset
Specifies where to start a dash array on a line.
(Inherited from ICanvasDrawingStyles.)
Public propertyLineJoin
Defines the type of corners where two lines meet. Possible values: round, bevel, miter (default).
(Inherited from ICanvasDrawingStyles.)
Public propertyLineWidth
Width of lines. Default 1.0
(Inherited from ICanvasDrawingStyles.)
Public propertyMiterLimit
Miter limit ratio. Default 10.
(Inherited from ICanvasDrawingStyles.)
Public propertyShadowBlur
Specifies the blurring effect. Default 0
Public propertyShadowColor
Color of the shadow. Default fully-transparent black.
Public propertyShadowOffsetX
Horizontal distance the shadow will be offset. Default 0.
Public propertyShadowOffsetY
Vertical distance the shadow will be offset. Default 0.
Public propertyStrokeStyle
Color or style to use for the lines around shapes. Default: (black).
Public propertyTextAlign
Text alignment setting. Possible values: start (default), end, left, right or center.
(Inherited from ICanvasDrawingStyles.)
Public propertyTextBaseline
Baseline alignment setting. Possible values: top, hanging, middle, alphabetic (default), ideographic, bottom.
(Inherited from ICanvasDrawingStyles.)
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