Aspose.HTML for .NET - Namespaces
The Aspose.Html namespace contains classes and methods to manipulate HTML documents, whether simple or complex and on the fly. Aspose.HTML for .NET allows developers to Insert, Remove, Replace HTML nodes, extract CSS style information, Navigate through HTML document either by NodeIterator, TreeWalker that are provided by Traversal Specifications, XPath or CSS selector queries. It also offers the scripting which allows to manipulate HTML DOM via JavaScript. As well as HTML, this API also provides the capabilities to load EPUB and MHTML. Aspose APIs are famous for their inter file format conversion features and this API also provides the capabilities to load HTML file and render the output in PDF, XPS and raster image formats including JPEG, PNG, BMP and TIFF.
The Aspose.Html.Collections namespace consists of classes to represent, store and manipulate nodes and elements.
The Aspose.Html.Converters namespase goal is easy access to conversion methods. It provides template merging, html conversions as well as epub and svg conversion to XPS, PDF and image files. More specific conversion (rendering, saving) user cases are presented by well known and documented low level API functions in subject oriented namespaces.
This group consists of namespaces and namespace groups responsible for DOM (Document Object Model) processing and HTML document tree nodes manipulations. It also includes CSS and SVG related namespaces.
The Aspose.Html.Drawing namespace contains objects and interfaces to specify measurement and units as well as drawing attribute objects like brushes, colors and fonts.
The namespace provides access to numerous objects (elements) which are responsible to user interactivity within form as web page component.
In addition to standard IO (input-output) tools the Aspose.Html.IO namespace contains helper classes and interfaces.
The Aspose.Html.Loading namespace contains data classes for description of specific load options at conversion/merging process.
This namespace group is for network processing and consists of root namespace Aspose.Html.Net and namespaces which are responsible for header content description, message filtering and message handling.
This namespace group contains namespaces and namespace groups which are responsible for processing of multiple image formats. It also includes namespaces with Pdf and Xps formats processing functionality.
The Aspose.Html.Saving namespace is presented by data classes for description of specific save options at conversion/saving process.
The Aspose.Html.Services namespace contains interfaces as protocols for service implementations.
The Aspose.Html.Window namespace is related for window object which represents a window containing a DOM document. It includes classes and interfaces related to active document address and browsing history.