KmlIconStyle Class

Specifies how icons for kml:Placemarks and kml:PhotoOverlay with a kml:Point geometry are drawn in an earth browser's list and geographic views.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Aspose.Gis.Formats.Kml.Styles
Assembly:  Aspose.GIS (in Aspose.GIS.dll) Version: (20.03)
public class KmlIconStyle : KmlAbstractColorStyle

The KmlIconStyle type exposes the following members.

Public methodKmlIconStyle
Initializes a new instance of the KmlIconStyle class
Public propertyColor
Specifies the color of the graphic element. Default value White.
(Inherited from KmlAbstractColorStyle.)
Public propertyColorMode
Specifies the color mode of the graphic element. Default Value: normal.
(Inherited from KmlAbstractColorStyle.)
Public propertyHeading
Direction (North, South, East, West), in decimal degrees. Values range from 0 (North) to 360 degrees. Default Value is '0'.
Public propertyHotSpot
Specifies the position of the reference point on the icon that is anchored to the Point specified in the Placemark. Default value is means the HotSpot is missed.
Public propertyResource
Specifies the resource location. Default value is means the Icon is missed.
Public propertyScale
Specifies a scale factor that shall be applied to the graphic element. Default Value is '1'.
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