MailMessage Properties

The MailMessage type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAlternateViews
Gets the collection of alternate views of message
Public propertyAttachments
Gets the collection of attachments of message
Public propertyBcc
Gets or sets the address collection that contains the BCC recipients of message
Public propertyBody
Gets or sets the plain text representation of message's body.
Public propertyBodyEncoding
Gets or sets encoding of body
Public propertyBodyType
Gets the type of the body.
Public propertyCC
Gets or sets the address collection that contains the CC recipients
Public propertyDate
Gets or sets the date of message
Public propertyDeliveryNotificationOptions
Gets or sets the delivery notifications
Public propertyFrom
Gets or sets the from address
Public propertyHeaders
Gets headers collection of message
Public propertyHtmlBody
Gets or sets html body
Public propertyHtmlBodyText
Gets the message htmlbody as plain text.
Public propertyIsBodyHtml
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the message body is in Html
Public propertyIsDraft
Gets or sets value that indicates whether or not a message has been sent.
Public propertyIsEncrypted
Gets a value indicating whether the message is encrypted.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Gets a value indicating whether the message is read only
Public propertyIsSigned
Gets a value indicating whether the message is signed.
Public propertyLinkedResources
Gets the collection of linked resources of message
Public propertyMessageId
Gets or sets the message id
Public propertyOriginalIsTnef
Gets a value indicating whether original EML message is in TNEF format.
Public propertyPreferredTextEncoding
Gets or sets preferred encoding for all text properties
Public propertyPriority
Gets or sets the priority of message
Public propertyReadReceiptTo
Gets or sets the read receipt address.
Public propertyReplyToList
Gets or sets the list of addresses to reply to for the mail message
Public propertyReversePath
Gets or sets ReversePath address
Public propertySender
Gets or sets sender address
Public propertySensitivity
Gets or sets the sensitivity of message
Public propertySubject
Gets or sets the subject line
Public propertySubjectEncoding
Gets or sets the encoding of subject
Public propertyTimeZoneOffset
Gets or sets the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) offset for the message dates. This property defines the time zone difference, between the local time and UTC.
Public propertyTo
Gets or sets the address collection that contains the recipients of message
Public propertyXMailer
Gets or sets the X-Mailer the software that created the e-mail message
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