Attachment Properties

The Attachment type exposes the following members.

Public propertyContentDisposition
Gets Content-Disposition header
Public propertyContentId
Gets or sets the content id.
(Inherited from AttachmentBase.)
Public propertyContentStream
Gets or sets the content stream.
(Inherited from AttachmentBase.)
Public propertyContentType
Gets or sets the type of the content.
(Inherited from AttachmentBase.)
Public propertyHeaders
Gets headers collection of attachment.
(Inherited from AttachmentBase.)
Public propertyIsEmbeddedMessage
Public propertyIsUri
Gets a value indicating whether attachment is URI-attachment.
Public propertyName
Gets or sets an attachment name
Public propertyNameEncoding
Gets or sets an encoding of attachment name
Public propertyPreferredTextEncoding
Gets or sets a preferred text encoding
Public propertyTransferEncoding
Gets or sets the transfer encoding.
(Inherited from AttachmentBase.)
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