LogEntry Properties

The LogEntry type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAppDomainName
The AppDomain in which we are running
Public propertyBinaryDataMessage
Binary message body to log.
Public propertyCategory
Category name used to route the log entry to a one or more sinks.
Public propertyContextualProperties
Dictionary of key/value pairs to record.
Public propertyErrorMessages
Gets the error message with the LogEntry
Public propertyEventId
Event number or identifier.
Public propertyInnerException
Gets or sets the inner exception object.
Public propertyMachineName
Name of the computer.
Public propertyMessage
Message body to log. Value from ToString() method from message object.
Public propertyMessageEncoding
Encoding for binary message body
Public propertySequenceId
The unique identifier of log event which is automatically generated and monotonously increasing.
Public propertySeverity
Log entry severity as a Severity enumeration. (Unspecified, Information, Warning or Error).
Public propertyThreadName
The name of the .NET thread.
Public propertyTimeStamp
Date and time of the log entry message.
Public propertyTitle
Additional description of the log entry message.
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