FileAsMapping Enumeration

Specifies how to generate and recompute the value of the dispidFileAs property when other contact name properties change. Coincides MS-OXPROPS revision 16.2 from 7/31/2014

Namespace:  Aspose.Email.PersonalInfo
Assembly:  Aspose.Email (in Aspose.Email.dll) Version: 20.2
public enum FileAsMapping
  Member nameValueDescription
Empty0 Empty value.
DisplayName12289 DisplayName
FirstName14854 GivenName
LastName14865 Surname
Organization14870 CompanyName
FirstMiddleLastGen32823 GivenName MiddleName Surname Generation
LastFirstMiddle32791 Surname, GivenName MiddleName
LastFirstMiddle232816 SurnameGivenName MiddleName
LastFirstMiddle332817 Surname GivenName MiddleName
OrgLastFirstMiddle32792 CompanyName\r\nSurname, GivenName MiddleName
OrgLastFirstMiddle232818 CompanyName\r\nSurnameGivenName MiddleName
OrgLastFirstMiddle332819 CompanyName\r\nSurname GivenName MiddleName
LastFirstMiddleOrg32793 Surname, GivenName MiddleName\r\nCompanyName
LastFirstMiddleOrg232820 SurnameGivenName MiddleName\r\nCompanyName
LastFirstMiddleOrg332821 Surname GivenName PidTagMiddleName\r\nCompanyName
LastFirstMiddleGen32822 Surname GivenName MiddleName Generation
LastFirstMiddleGen232824 SurnameGivenName MiddleName Generation
BestMatch4294967293 Specifies that, when displaying the contact, the application should attempt to use the current value of dispidFileUnder and other contact properties to find a "best match" for dispidFileUnderId to one of the previous values in this table.
AccordingToLocale4294967294 Specifies that, when displaying the contact, the application should choose the appropriate default values (according to the language locale) for dispidFileUnderId and update dispidFileUnder to match the choice.
None4294967295 Specifies that, FileUnder is a user-provided, and should not be changed when another contact name property changes. I.e. value of FileUnder is not constructed from other properties.
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