Aspose.Email.Mime Namespace

The Aspose.Email.Mime namespace provides classes that extend the format of email.
Public classContentDisposition
Represents a Content-Disposition header.
Public classContentType
Represents a Content-Type header.
Public classDispositionTypeNames
Represents the disposition type names.
Public classHeaderCollection
Defines the collection of header fields
Public classMediaTypeNames
Specifies the media type names for an e-mail message.
Public classMediaTypeNamesApplication
Specifies the kind of application data in an e-mail message attachment.
Public classMediaTypeNamesImage
Specifies the type of image data in an e-mail message attachment.
Public classMediaTypeNamesText
Specifies the type of text data in an e-mail message attachment.
Public classMimeException
Provides information about MIME errors
Public classMimeHeader
Represents the mime header defined in RFC 2822.
Public classTrackingStringDictionary
Public enumerationTransferEncoding
Specifies the Content-Transfer-Encoding header information.