PidTagPropertyDescriptor Properties

The PidTagPropertyDescriptor type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCanonicalName
The name used to refer to the property in the documentation. The prefix of the canonical name identifies the basic characteristics of a property to the implementer. The canonical naming structure uses three categories that are denoted by the following prefixes to the canonical property name: * PidLid prefix: Properties identified by an unsigned 32-bit quantity along with a property set. * PidName prefix: Properties identified by a string name along with a property set. * PidTag prefix: Properties identified by an unsigned 16-bit quantity.
(Inherited from PropertyDescriptor.)
Public propertyDataType
The property value type, as described in [MS-OXCDATA], that specifies the type of values allowed for the property.
(Inherited from PropertyDescriptor.)
Public propertyId
Gets an unsigned 16-bit quantity that identifies a tagged property. Property IDs are not necessarily unique. With the exception of property IDs in the range from 0x6800 to 0x7BFF, the combination of property ID and data type are unique. Property IDs in the range from 0x6800 to 0x7BFF are defined by the message class.
Public propertyMultipleValuesDataType
Indicates if data type contains of multiple values
(Inherited from PropertyDescriptor.)
Public propertyName
Gets string that, identifies a property.
(Inherited from PropertyDescriptor.)
Public propertyTag
A property tag is a 32-bit number that contains a unique property identifier in bits 16 through 31 and a property type in bits 0 through 15.
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