MapiCalendarExceptionInfo Class

An exception specifies changes to an instance of a recurring series.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Aspose.Email.Mapi
Assembly:  Aspose.Email (in Aspose.Email.dll) Version: 20.2
public sealed class MapiCalendarExceptionInfo

The MapiCalendarExceptionInfo type exposes the following members.

Public methodMapiCalendarExceptionInfo
Initializes a new instance of the MapiCalendarExceptionInfo class.
Public propertyAttachments
Gets or sets attachments in the recurrence exception.
Public propertyBody
Gets or sets the body.
Public propertyBusyStatus
Gets or sets the busy status.
Public propertyEndDateTime
Gets or sets the end date.
Public propertyHasAttachment
Gets a value of this field specifies whether the Exception Embedded Message object contains attachments
Public propertyLocation
Gets or sets the location.
Public propertyMeetingType
Gets or sets the type of the meeting.
Public propertyOriginalStartDate
Gets or sets the original start date.
Public propertyOverrideFlags
Gets the override flags.
Public propertyReminderDelta
Gets or sets the reminder delta.
Public propertyReminderSet
Gets or sets a value for the PidLidReminderSet property.
Public propertyStartDateTime
Gets or sets the start date.
Public propertySubject
Gets or sets the subject.
Public propertySubType
Gets or sets the subtype.
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Public methodParseExceptionEmbeddedMessage
Retrieves data from a message.
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