KnownPropertySets Class

[MS-OXCDATA]: Commonly Used Property Sets
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Aspose.Email.Mapi
Assembly:  Aspose.Email (in Aspose.Email.dll) Version: 20.2
public static class KnownPropertySets

The KnownPropertySets type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberAddress
Area name: Contact Property set name: PSETID_Address
Public fieldStatic memberAirSync
Area name: Sync Property set name: PSETID_AirSync
Public fieldStatic memberAppointment
Area name: Calendar Property set name: PSETID_Appointment
Public fieldStatic memberAttachment
Area name: Message attachment Property set name: PSETID_Attachment
Public fieldStatic memberCalendarAssistant
Area name: Calendar Property set name: PSETID_CalendarAssistant
Public fieldStatic memberCommon
Area name: Common Property set name: PSETID_Common
Public fieldStatic memberEntities
Area name: Extracted entities Property set name: PSETID_XmlExtractedEntities
Public fieldStatic memberInternetHeaders
Area name: Email Property set name: PS_INTERNET_HEADERS
Public fieldStatic memberLog
Area name: Journal Property set name: PSETID_Log
Public fieldStatic memberMapi
Area name: Common Property set name: PS_MAPI
Public fieldStatic memberMeeting
Area name: Calendar Property set name: PSETID_Meeting
Public fieldStatic memberMessaging
Area name: Messaging Property set name: PSETID_Messaging
Public fieldStatic memberNote
Area name: Sticky note Property set name: PSETID_Note
Public fieldStatic memberPostRss
Area name: RSS feed Property set name: PSETID_PostRss
Public fieldStatic memberPublicStrings
Area name: Common Property set name: PS_PUBLIC_STRINGS
Public fieldStatic memberSharing
Area name: Sharing Property set name: PSETID_Sharing
Public fieldStatic memberTask
Area name: Task Property set name: PSETID_Task
Public fieldStatic memberUnifiedMessaging
Area name: Unified messaging Property set name: PSETID_UnifiedMessaging
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