ProjectEntity Enumeration

Project entity

Namespace:  Aspose.Email.Clients.Activity
Assembly:  Aspose.Email (in Aspose.Email.dll) Version: 20.2
public enum ProjectEntity
  Member nameValueDescription
CustomField0 Represents an enterprise custom field.
Driver1 Represents a portfolio driver.
DriverPrioritization2 Represents a portfolio prioritization.
Engagement3 Represents a resource engagement.
EnterpriseCalendar4 Represents a enterprise resource calendar.
EnterpriseProjectType5 Represents an enterprise project type.
FiscalPeriod6 Represents a fiscal period.
GanttChartFormat7 Represents a gantt chart format.
GroupingFormat8 Represents a view grouping format.
LineClassification9 Represents a timesheet line classification.
LookupTable10 Represents a enterprise lookup table.
PermissionTemplate11 Represents a security permission template.
PortfolioAnalysis12 Represents a portfolio analysis.
Project13 Represents a project.
QueueJob14 Represents a queue job.
QuickLaunch15 Represents a quick launch item.
Reporting16 Represents the reporting endpoint.
Resource17 Represents an enterprise resource.
ResourcePlan18 Represents a resource plan associated with A project.
SecurityCategory19 Represents a security category.
SecurityGroup20 Represents a security group.
Setting21 Represents a Project Web App setting
Statusing22 Represents a task status update.
StatusReport23 Represents a status report.
TimeReportingPeriod24 Represents a period of time for a timesheet
Timesheet25 Represents a timesheet entity.
TimesheetAuditLog26 Represents a timesheetsheet audit log.
TimesheetManager27 Represents the manager of a timehseet.
UserDelegate28 Represents a user delegation for another user.
View29 Represents a view definition.
WorkflowPhase30 Represents a phase in a workflow.
WorkflowStage31 Represents a stage in a workflow.
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