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Tasks Enumeration

Tasks namespace of the ActiveSync protocol

Namespace:  Aspose.Email.Clients.ActiveSync.TransportLayer
Assembly:  Aspose.Email (in Aspose.Email.dll) Version: 20.2
public enum Tasks
  Member nameValueDescription
Categories8 A collection of user-selected labels assigned to the task.
Category9 One of the user-selected labels that has been applied to the task item.
Complete10 Whether the task has been completed.
DateCompleted11 The date on which the task item was completed.
DueDate12 The local due date of the task item.
UtcDueDate13 The UTC due date of the task item.
Importance14 The importance or priority of the task item.
Recurrence15 When and how often this task recurs.
Type16 The recurrence type.
Start17 The start time of a series of recurrence items.
Until18 The end time of a series of recurrence items.
Occurrences19 The number of occurrences before the series ends.
Interval20 The interval between recurrences.
DayOfMonth21 The day of the month for the recurrence.
DayOfWeek22 The day of the week for the recurrence.
WeekOfMonth23 The week of the month for the recurrence.
MonthOfYear24 The month of the year for the recurrence.
Regenerate25 Whether the task item regenerates after each task instance is complete.
DeadOccur26 Whether the task is a recurring instance.
ReminderSet27 Whether a reminder for the task item has been set to appear.
ReminderTime28 The time and date at which the reminder for the task item will appear.
Sensitivity29 The sensitivity of the task item.
StartDate30 The local start date of the task item.
UtcStartDate31 The Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) start date of the task item.
Subject32 The subject of the task item.
OrdinalDate34 The time at which the client set the flag.
SubOrdinalDate35 A value that can be used for sorting.
CalendarType36 The calendar system used by this recurrence.
IsLeapMonth37 Whether this recurrence takes place during a leap month.
FirstDayOfWeek38 Specifies which day is considered the first day of the calendar week for this recurrence.
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