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ResolveRecipients Enumeration

ResolveRecipients namespace of the ActiveSync protocol

Namespace:  Aspose.Email.Clients.ActiveSync.TransportLayer
Assembly:  Aspose.Email (in Aspose.Email.dll) Version: 20.2
public enum ResolveRecipients
  Member nameValueDescription
ResolveRecipients5 The ResolveRecipients element is a required element in ResolveRecipients command requests and responses that identifies the body of the HTTP POST as containing a ResolveRecipients command (section
Response6 Contains information as to whether the recipient was resolved.
Status7 Indicates the result of an operation.
Type8 Indicates the type of recipient, either a contact entry (2) or a GAL entry (1).
Recipient9 Represents a single recipient that has been resolved.
DisplayName10 Contains the display name of the recipient.
EmailAddress11 Contains the email address of the recipient, in SMTP format.
Certificates12 Contains information about the certificates for a recipient.
Certificate13 Contains the X509 certificate binary large object (BLOB) that is encoded with base64 encoding.
MiniCertificate14 Contains the mini-certificate BLOB that is encoded with base64 encoding.
Options15 Contains the options for resolving the list of recipients.
To16 Specifies one or more recipients to be resolved.
CertificateRetrieval17 Specifies whether S/MIME certificates SHOULD be returned by the server for each resolved recipient.
RecipientCount18 Specifies the number of recipients that are returned in the ResolveRecipients command response.
MaxCertificates19 Limits the total number of certificates that are returned by the server.
MaxAmbiguousRecipients20 Limits the number of suggestions that are returned for each ambiguous recipient node in the response.
CertificateCount21 Specifies the number of valid certificates that were found for the recipient.
Availability22 Indicates to the server that free/busy data is being requested by the client and identifies the start time and end time of the free/busy data to retrieve.
StartTime23 Identifies the start of the span of free/busy time requested by the client.
EndTime24 Identifies the end of the span of free/busy time requested by the client.
MergedFreeBusy25 Specifies the free/busy information for the users or distribution list identified in the request.
Picture26 Indicates that the client is requesting that contact photos be returned in the server response.
MaxSize27 Limits the size of contact photos returned in the server response.
Data28 Contains the binary data of the contact photo.
MaxPictures29 Limits the number of contact photos returned in the server response.
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