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Ping Enumeration

Ping namespace of the ActiveSync protocol

Namespace:  Aspose.Email.Clients.ActiveSync.TransportLayer
Assembly:  Aspose.Email (in Aspose.Email.dll) Version: 20.2
public enum Ping
  Member nameValueDescription
Ping5 The Ping element is a required element in Ping command requests and responses that identifies the body of the HTTP POST as containing a Ping command (section
AutdState6 Per MS-ASWBXML, this tag is not used by protocol
Status7 Indicates the result of an operation.
HeartbeatInterval8 Specifies the length of time, in seconds, that the server SHOULD wait before sending a response if no new items are added to the specified set of folders, as specified in section
Folders9 Serves as a container for Folder elements.
Folder10 Identifies the folder and folder type to be monitored by the client.
Id11 Specifies the server ID of the folder to be monitored.
Class12 Specifies the content class of the folder to be monitored.
MaxFolders13 Specifies the maximum number of folders that can be monitored.
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