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ItemOperations Enumeration

ItemOperations namespace of the ActiveSync protocol

Namespace:  Aspose.Email.Clients.ActiveSync.TransportLayer
Assembly:  Aspose.Email (in Aspose.Email.dll) Version: 20.2
public enum ItemOperations
  Member nameValueDescription
ItemOperations5 The ItemOperations element is a required element in ItemOperations command requests and ItemOperations command responses that identifies the body of the HTTP POST as containing an ItemOperations command (section
Fetch6 Retrieves an item from the server.
Store7 Specifies the name of the store to which the parent operation applies.
Options8 Contains the options for the EmptyFolderContents operation, the Fetch operation, or the Move operation.
Range9 Specifies the range of bytes that the client can receive in response to the Fetch (section operation for a document library item.
Total10 Indicates the total size of an item on the server, in bytes.
Properties11 Contains the properties that are returned for item(s) in the response.
Data12 Contains the item content for inline content responses.
Status13 Indicates the result of an operation.
Response14 Contains the operation responses.
Version15 Indicates the time at which a document item was last modified.
Schema16 Specifies the schema of the item to be fetched.
Part17 Specifies an integer index into the metadata of the multipart response.
EmptyFolderContents18 Identifies the body of the request or response as containing the operation that deletes the contents of a folder.
DeleteSubFolders19 Indicates whether to delete the subfolders of the specified folder.
UserName20 Specifies the username of the account leveraged to fetch the desired item.
Password21 Specifies the password for the given UserName (section
Move22 Identifies the body of the request or response as containing the operation that moves a given conversation.
DstFldId23 Specifies the server ID of the destination folder (that is, the folder to which the items are moved).
ConversationId24 Specifies the conversation to be moved.
MoveAlways25 Indicates whether to always move the specified conversation, including all future emails in the conversation, to the folder specified by the DstFldId element (section value.
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