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Calendar Enumeration

Calendar namespace of the ActiveSync protocol

Namespace:  Aspose.Email.Clients.ActiveSync.TransportLayer
Assembly:  Aspose.Email (in Aspose.Email.dll) Version: 20.2
public enum Calendar
  Member nameValueDescription
TimeZone5 The time zone of the calendar item.
AllDayEvent6 Specifies whether the event represented by the calendar item or exception item runs for the entire day.
Attendees7 The collection of attendees for the calendar item.
Attendee8 An attendee who is invited to the event.
Email9 The e-mail address of the attendee.
Name10 The name of the attendee.
BusyStatus13 Specifies whether the recipient is busy at the specified time.
Categories14 The collection of categories for the calendar item or exception item.
Category15 A category that is assigned to the calendar item or exception item.
DtStamp17 The date and time at which the calendar item was created or modified, or the date and time at which the exception item was created.
EndTime18 The end time of the calendar item or exception item.
Exception19 An exception to the calendar item's recurrence pattern.
Exceptions20 A collection of exceptions to the recurrence pattern of the calendar item.
Deleted21 Specifies whether the exception has been deleted.
ExceptionStartTime22 The start time of the original recurring meeting.
Location23 The place where the event specified by the calendar item or exception item occurs.
MeetingStatus24 The status of the meeting.
OrganizerEmail25 The e-mail address of the user who created the calendar item.
OrganizerName26 The name of the user who created the calendar item.
Recurrence27 The recurrence information for the calendar item.
Type28 The type of the recurrence.
Until29 The end date and time of the recurrence.
Occurrences30 The number of recurrences.
Interval31 The interval between recurrences.
DayOfWeek32 The day of the week for the recurrence.
DayOfMonth33 The day of the month of the recurrence.
WeekOfMonth34 The week of the month for the recurrence.
MonthOfYear35 The month of the year for the recurrence.
Reminder36 The number of minutes before the calendar item's start time to display a reminder notice.
Sensitivity37 The recommended privacy policy for this calendar item or exception item.
Subject38 The subject of the calendar item or exception item.
StartTime39 The start time of the calendar item or exception item.
UID40 A unique, 300 digit hexadecimal ID generated by the client when the calendar item is created.
AttendeeStatus41 The attendee's acceptance status.
AttendeeType42 Specifies whether the attendee is required, optional, or a resource.
DisallowNewTimeProposal51 Specifies whether recipients of the meeting request can propose a new time for the meeting.
ResponseRequested52 Specifies whether a response to the meeting request is required.
AppointmentReplyTime53 The date and time that the user responded to the meeting request or to the meeting exception request.
ResponseType54 The type of response made by the user to a meeting request.
CalendarType55 The calendar system used by the recurrence.
IsLeapMonth56 Specifies whether the recurrence of the appointment is to take place on the embolismic (leap) month.
FirstDayOfWeek57 Specifies which day is considered the first day of the calendar week for the recurrence.
OnlineMeetingConfLink58 A Globally Routable User Agent URI (GRUU) ([MS-SIPRE]) for an online meeting.
OnlineMeetingExternalLink59 A Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for an online meeting.
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