AmpAccordion Properties

The AmpAccordion type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAttributes
AMP provides a set of common attributes that are extended to many AMP components.
(Inherited from AmpComponent.)
Public propertyDisableSessionStates
Set this attribute on the amp-accordion to opt out of preserving the collapsed/expanded state of the accordion.
Public propertyExpandSingleSection
Set this attribute on the amp-accordion to only allow one section to be expanded at a time.
Public propertyFallback
A fallback is a convention that allows the element to communicate to the reader that the browser does not support the element.
(Inherited from AmpComponent.)
Public propertyPlaceholder
The element marked with the placeholder attribute acts as a placeholder for the parent AMP element. If specified, a placeholder element must be a direct child of the AMP element.
(Inherited from AmpComponent.)
Public propertyRequiredScript
Required script that muct be added to head section.
(Overrides AmpComponentRequiredScript.)
Public propertySections
List of sections.
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