Class SyncFolderResult

  • public class SyncFolderResult
    extends Object

    Result for SyncFolder operation

    • Method Detail

      • getChangedFolders

        public final ExchangeFolderInfoCollection getChangedFolders()

        Collection of changed subfolders in the specified folder.

      • getDeletedFolders

        public final String[] getDeletedFolders()

        The array of subfolders in the specified folder that have been deleted.

      • getReadFlagChanged

        public final<String,Boolean> getReadFlagChanged()

        Collection of pairs of item uri and read-flag for items whose 'read' flag has been changed.

      • getDeletedItems

        public final String[] getDeletedItems()

        The array of items that have been deleted.

      • getSyncObject

        public final SyncState getSyncObject()

        Synchronization object for next synchronization operation.