Class MessageTrackingReport

  • public final class MessageTrackingReport
    extends Object

    Represents the information to be included in the report.

    • Method Detail

      • getSender

        public final MailAddress getSender()

        Gets the e-mail address for the sender of the message.

      • getSubject

        public final String getSubject()

        Gets the subject of the message.

      • getSubmitTime

        public final Date getSubmitTime()

        Gets the time at which the message was sent to the server.

      • getOriginalRecipients

        public final MailAddressCollection getOriginalRecipients()

        Gets the e-mail addresses of the message recipients.

      • getRecipientTrackingEvents

        public final RecipientTrackingEvent[] getRecipientTrackingEvents()

        Gets the type of events to report.