Class MessageStore

  • public class MessageStore
    extends Object

    Message store is the root of the PST, which is the rough equivalent of the top of a Mailbox.

    • Method Detail

      • getDisplayName

        public final String getDisplayName()

        Gets the display Name of PST.

        Value: The string that represents display name.
      • getProperties

        public final MapiPropertyCollection getProperties()

        Gets the MAPI properties of message store object. The message store contains the top-level PST settings and metadata that are required to access and manage the PST contents.

        Value: The MapiProperty collection.
      • isPasswordProtected

        public final boolean isPasswordProtected()

        Gets a value indicating whether the storage is password protected.

        Value: true if the storage is password protected; otherwise, false.
      • isPasswordValid

        public final boolean isPasswordValid(String password)

        Determines whether the specified string is a valid password for the storage.

        password - The password string.
      • changeDisplayName

        public final void changeDisplayName(String newName)

        Changes the pst display name.

        newName - The new display name of message store.
      • changePassword

        public final void changePassword(String password)

        Sets the password.

        password - The string that represents the password.
      • setProperty

        public final void setProperty(MapiProperty property)

        Sets the property.

        property - The property.