Class MessageInfo

  • public final class MessageInfo
    extends Object

    Represents information about message in PST.

    • Constructor Detail

      • MessageInfo

        public MessageInfo()

        Initializes a new instance of the MessageInfo class.

    • Method Detail

      • getImportance

        public final int getImportance()

        Gets the Importance.

        Value: The importance.
      • getMessageClass

        public final String getMessageClass()

        Gets the Message class.

        Value: The message class.
      • getSensitivity

        public final int getSensitivity()

        Gets the Sensitivity.

        Value: The sensitivity.
      • getEntryId

        public final byte[] getEntryId()

        Gets the entry ID.

        Value: The entry id.
      • getEntryIdString

        public final String getEntryIdString()

        Gets string representation of entry ID.

        Value: The entry id string.
      • getSubject

        public final String getSubject()

        Gets the message subject.

        Value: The subject.
      • getSenderRepresentativeName

        public final String getSenderRepresentativeName()

        Gets the sender representative name.

        Value: The sender representative name.
      • getDisplayCC

        public final String getDisplayCC()

        Gets the CC: line.

        Value: The display cc.
      • getDisplayTo

        public final String getDisplayTo()

        Gets the To: line.

        Value: The display to.
      • getProperties

        public final MapiPropertyCollection getProperties()

        Gets the MessageInfo properties.

        Value: The properties of MessageInfo.