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      static HeaderType HeaderType.getApparentlyTo()
      Inserted by sending e-mail when there is no 'To:' recipient in the original message.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getApprovedBy()
      Name of the moderator of the mailing list to which this message is sent; necessary on a posting sent to a moderated mailing list to allow its distribution to the list members.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getBcc()
      A copy of the e-mail message that is sent to one or more recipients without the knowledge of the primary recipients.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getCC()
      This header can be considered an extension of the 'To:' field as it is used to specifiy additional recipients.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getComments()
      This is a free-form header field defined in RFC2822.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getContentTransferEncoding()
      The third of the MIME-related headers.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getContentType()
      The 'Content-Type' defines the format of content (character set etc.) Note that the values for this header are defined in different ways in RFC1049 and in MIME (RFC2045).
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getDate()
      This header specifies a date (and time), normally the date the message was composed and sent.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getDispositionNotificationTo()
      When the DispositionNotificationTo field is set, a request for a MDN (Message Delivery Notification) is made.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getFollowupTo()
      Used in Usenet News to indicate that future discussions (=follow-up) on an article should go to a different set of newsgroups than the replied-to article.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getFrom()
      This field contains the identity of the person(s) who wished this message to be sent.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getImportance()
      Gets the importance.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getInReplyTo()
      Reference to message which this message is a reply to.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getMessageID()
      Unique ID of this message.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getMIMEVersion()
      An indicator that this message is formatted according to the MIME standard, and an indication of which version of MIME is utilized.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getNewsgroups()
      In Usenet News: group(s) to which this article was posted.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getReceived()
      Trace of MTAs which a message has passed.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getReferences()
      Reference to other related messages.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getReplyTo()
      This header field is meant to indicate where the sender wants replies to go.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getReturnPath()
      Used to convey the information from the MAIL FROM envelope attribute in final delivery, when the message leaves the SMTP environment in which 'MAIL FROM' is used.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getReturnReceiptTo()
      A sender can request a return-receipt by including this header field.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getSender()
      The person or agent submitting the message to the network, if other than shown by the From: header field.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getSensitivity()
      Gets the sensitivity.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getSubject()
      Title, heading, subject.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getTo()
      Primary recipients.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getXConfirmReadingTo()
      This header requests an automated confirmation notice when the message is received or read.
      static HeaderType HeaderType.getXMailer()
      Information about the client software of the originator.
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      static String HeaderType.toString(HeaderType type)
      Performs an implicit conversion from HeaderType to String.