Aspose::Email::Clients::TokenProvider::Google Class Reference

Inherits Object.

Static Public Member Functions

static ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API System::SharedPtr< TokenProviderGetInstance (System::String clientId, System::String clientSecret, System::String refreshToken)
 Gets an instance of the TokenProvider for Google mail server More...

Static Public Attributes

static const ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API System::String RequestUrl

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetInstance()

static ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API System::SharedPtr<TokenProvider> Aspose::Email::Clients::TokenProvider::Google::GetInstance ( System::String  clientId,
System::String  clientSecret,
System::String  refreshToken 

Gets an instance of the TokenProvider for Google mail server

clientIdThe client ID obtained from the Microsoft account Developer Center during application registration.
clientSecretThe client secret obtained during application registration.
refreshTokenOAuth 2.0 refresh token
Returns an instance of the OutlookTokenProvider for defined parameters.

Member Data Documentation

◆ RequestUrl

const ASPOSE_EMAIL_SHARED_API System::String Aspose::Email::Clients::TokenProvider::Google::RequestUrl