CadImage Properties

The CadImage type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAppIdTables
Gets or sets the application identifier tables.
Public propertyCode exampleAttributes
Gets the attributes collection.
(Inherited from Image.)
Public propertyBackgroundColor Obsolete.
Gets or sets a value for the background color.
(Inherited from Image.)
Public propertyBlockEntities
Gets or sets the block entities.
Public propertyBlocksTables
Gets or sets the blocks tables.
Public propertyCode exampleBounds
Gets the image bounds.
(Inherited from Image.)
Public propertyCadAcds
Gets or sets the CadAcds list
Public propertyClassEntities
Gets or sets the class entities.
Public propertyCode exampleContainer
Gets the Image container.
(Inherited from Image.)
Public propertyDataStreamContainer
Gets the object's data stream.
(Inherited from DataStreamSupporter.)
Public propertyDefaultFont
Gets or sets the default font.
Public propertyDefaultLineWeight
Gets or sets the default line weight.
Public propertyDimensionStyles
Gets or sets the dimension styles.
Public propertyDisposed
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is disposed.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Public propertyEntities
Gets or sets the entities.
Public propertyFileEncoding
Gets file's encoding
Public propertyHasBackgroundColor Obsolete.
Gets or sets a value indicating whether image has background color.
(Inherited from Image.)
Public propertyHeader
Gets or sets the header.
Public propertyHeight
Gets the image height.
(Overrides ImageHeight.)
Public propertyIsCached
Gets a value indicating whether object's data is cached currently and no data reading is required.
(Overrides DataStreamSupporterIsCached.)
Public propertyLayers
Gets or sets the layers.
Public propertyLayouts
Gets the layouts.
Public propertyLineTypes
Gets or sets the dimension styles.
Public propertyMaxPoint
Gets the max point.
Public propertyMinPoint
Gets the min point.
Public propertyObjects
Gets or sets the objects.
Public propertyCode examplePalette
Gets or sets the color palette.
(Inherited from Image.)
Public propertyCode exampleSize
Gets the image size.
(Inherited from Image.)
Public propertySpecifiedEncoding
Gets or sets the specified encoding.
Public propertySpecifiedMifEncoding
Gets or sets the specified MIF character encoding
Public propertyStyles
Gets or sets the styles.
Public propertyThumbnailImage
Gets or sets the thumbnail image.
Public propertyUCSs
Gets or sets the uc ss.
Public propertyUnitlessDefaultUnitType
Assumed unit type when UnitType is set to Unitless
(Inherited from Image.)
Public propertyCode exampleUnitType
Gets current unit type.
(Inherited from Image.)
Public propertyViewPorts
Gets or sets the view ports.
Public propertyViews
Gets or sets the views.
Public propertyWidth
Gets the image width.
(Overrides ImageWidth.)
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