CadEntityAttribute Enumeration

Entities enum

Namespace:  Aspose.CAD.FileFormats.Cad
Assembly:  Aspose.CAD (in Aspose.CAD.dll) Version: 20.8
public enum CadEntityAttribute
  Member nameValueDescription
CadAppEntityName-1 APP: entity name (changes each time a drawing is opened)
Cad0000 Entity type
Cad0011 Entity attribute value
Cad0022 The Cad two
Cad0033 The Cad 003.
Cad0055 Handle of the object
Cad102102 102 Start or End of application-defined group “{application_name” (optional)
Cad330330 Soft-pointer ID/handle to.. depends on situation
Cad331331 The Cad 331.
Cad360360 Hard-owner ID/handle to owner dictionary (optional)
Cad100100 Subclass marker
Cad101101 The Cad 101
Cad06767 Absent or zero indicates entity is in model space. 1 indicates entity is in paper space (optional)
Cad410410 APP: layout tab name
Cad0088 Layer name
Cad0066 Linetype name (present if not BYLAYER). The special name BYBLOCK indicates a floating linetype (optional)
Cad0077 The Cad007
Cad347347 Hard-pointer ID/handle to material object (present if not BYLAYER)
Cad350350 The Cad350
Cad06262 Color number (present if not BYLAYER);
Cad105105 The cad105
Cad160160 The cad 160.
Cad161161 The cad 161.
Cad162162 The cad 160.
Cad06464 The Cad 064.
Cad06565 The Cad 065.
Cad06868 The Cad 068.
Cad06969 The Cad 069.
Cad370370 Lineweight enum value. Stored and moved around as a 16-bit integer
Cad04848 Linetype scale (optional)
Cad04949 The Cad049
Cad06060 Object visibility (optional): 0 = Visible; 1 = Invisible
Cad09292 Number of bytes in the proxy entity graphics represented in the subsequent 310 groups, which are binary chunk records (optional)
Cad310310 Proxy entity graphics data (multiple lines; 256 characters max. per line)
Cad420420 A 24-bit color value that should be dealt with in terms of bytes with values of 0 to 255. The lowest byte is the blue value, the middle byte is the green value, and the third byte is the red value. The top byte is always 0
Cad421421 The Cad 421.
Cad422422 The Cad 422.
Cad423423 The Cad 423.
Cad424424 The Cad 424.
Cad425425 The Cad 425.
Cad426426 The Cad 426.
Cad427427 The Cad 427.
Cad428428 The Cad 428.
Cad429429 The Cad 429.
Cad430430 The Cad 430.
Cad431431 The Cad 431.
Cad432432 The Cad 432.
Cad433433 The Cad 433.
Cad434434 The Cad 434.
Cad435435 The Cad 435.
Cad436436 The Cad 436.
Cad437437 The Cad 437.
Cad438438 The Cad 438.
Cad439439 The Cad 439.
Cad440440 Transparency value.
Cad441441 The Cad 441.
Cad390390 390 Hard-pointer ID/handle to the plot style object
Cad284284 Shadow mode
Cad09090 Points count
Cad01010 First point or corner X
Cad02020 First point or corner Y
Cad03030 First point or corner Z
Cad01111 End point or corner X
Cad02121 End point or corner Y
Cad02222 The Cad022
Cad03131 End point or corner Z
Cad01212 Start tangent X
Cad03232 Start tangent Z
Cad01313 End tangent X
Cad01616 The Cad 016.
Cad02323 End tangent Y
Cad02626 The Cad 026.
Cad03333 End tangent Z
Cad03636 The Cad 036.
Cad04040 Radius or width
Cad05050 First angle or Rotation angle or...
Cad05151 First angle or Rotation angle or...
Cad05353 The Cad fifty three
Cad210210 Extrusion Direction X Value
Cad211211 Extrusion Direction Y Value
Cad212212 Extrusion Direction Z Value
Cad220220 Extrusion Direction Y Value
Cad221221 The cad 221 attribute
Cad222222 The cad 222 attribute
Cad230230 Extrusion Direction Z Value
Cad231231 The cad 231 attribute
Cad232232 The cad 232 attribute
Cad213213 The annotation placement point offset x value
Cad223223 The annotation placement point offset y value
Cad233233 The annotation placement point offset z value
Cad03939 Thickness (optional; default = 0)
Cad06666 Obsolete; formerly an “entities follow flag” (optional; ignore if present)
Cad04141 Default end width (optional; default = 0)
Cad07171 Polygon mesh M vertex count (optional; default = 0)
Cad07272 Polygon mesh N vertex count (optional; default = 0)
Cad07373 Smooth surface M density (optional; default = 0)
Cad07474 Smooth surface N density (optional; default = 0)
Cad07575 Curves and smooth surface type (optional; default = 0); integer codes, not bit-coded:
Cad07676 The Cad 076.
Cad07878 The Cad 078.
Cad07979 The Cad 079.
Cad04242 Bulge (optional; default is 0). The bulge is the tangent of one fourth the included angle for an arc segment, made negative if the arc goes clockwise from the start point to the endpoint. A bulge of 0 indicates a straight segment, and a bulge of 1 is a semicircle
Cad04343 Control Point Tolerance
Cad07070 Vertex flags
Cad09191 Vertex identifier
Cad290290 Handendness of the helix
Cad280280 Constrain type
Cad281281 The Cad 281.
Cad282282 The Cad 282.
Cad283283 The Cad 283.
Cad289289 The Cad 289.
Cad340340 Leader Style Id
Cad341341 Leader Style Id
Cad171171 LeaderLine wight
Cad291291 Enable Dogleg
Cad172172 Content Type
Cad343343 Text Style ID
Cad173173 Text Left Attachment Type
Cad271271 Text attachment direction
Cad272272 Bottom text attachment direction
Cad273273 Top text attachment direction
Cad275275 The Cad 275.
Cad276276 The Cad 276.
Cad277277 The Cad 277.
Cad278278 The Cad 278.
Cad279279 The Cad 279.
Cad178178 Text Align in IPE
Cad179179 Text Attachment Point
Cad294294 Text Direction Negative
Cad302302 Block Attribute Text String
Cad04444 Block Attribute Width
Cad177177 Block Attribute Index
Cad345345 Arrowhead ID
Cad09494 Arrowhead Index
Cad293293 Enable Annotation Scale
Cad176176 Block Content Connection Type
Cad09393 Block Content Color
Cad292292 Enable Frame Text
Cad344344 Block Content ID
Cad174174 Text Angle Type
Cad175175 Text Alignment Type
Cad09595 Text Right Attachment Type
Cad09696 The Cad 096.
Cad342342 Arrowhead ID
Cad170170 Leader Line Type
Cad140140 Arrowhead Size
Cad145145 Landing Gap
Cad303303 The cad 303 attribute
Cad304304 Default Text Contents
Cad305305 The cad 305 attribute
Cad306306 The cad 306 attribute
Cad307307 The cad 307 attribute
Cad308308 The cad 308 attribute
Cad04545 Line Spacing Factor
Cad141141 Text Background Scale Factor
Cad142142 Text Column Width
Cad143143 Text Column Gutter Width
Cad144144 144 Text Column Height
Cad295295 Text Use Word Break
Cad296296 296 Enumeration
Cad298298 The cad 298
Cad01414 Block Content Normal Direction X
Cad02424 Block Content Normal Direction Y
Cad03434 Block Content Normal Direction Z
Cad01515 Block Content Position X
Cad02525 Block Content Position Y
Cad03535 Block Content Position Z
Cad03838 The Cad 038.
Cad1616 Block Content Scale
Cad04646 Block Content Rotation
Cad04747 Block Transformation Matrix
Cad110110 MLeader Plane Origin Point
Cad111111 MLeader Plane X-Axis Direction
Cad112112 MLeader Plane Y-Axis Direction
Cad297297 MLeader Plane Normal Reversed
Cad300300 Context data
Cad301301 The cad301
Cad309309 End context data
Cad06363 Indicator color
Cad411411 The Cad 411.
Cad01717 The Cad 017.
Cad03737 The Cad 037.
Cad02727 The Cad 027.
Cad120120 The Cad 120.
Cad130130 The Cad 130.
Cad121121 The Cad 121.
Cad131131 The Cad 131.
Cad132132 The Cad 132.
Cad122122 The Cad 122.
Cad346346 The Cad 346.
Cad146146 The Cad 146.
Cad06161 The Cad 061.
Cad311311 The Cad 311.
Cad332332 The Cad 332.
Cad333333 The Cad 333.
Cad334334 The Cad 334
Cad348348 The Cad 348.
Cad361361 The Cad 361.
Cad335335 The Cad 335.
Cad0044 The Cad 004.
Cad05252 The Cad 052.
Cad07777 The Cad 077.
Cad09898 The Cad 098.
Cad09999 The Cad 099.
Cad450450 The Cad 450.
Cad451451 The Cad 450.
Cad452452 The Cad 452.
Cad453453 The Cad 453.
Cad460460 The Cad 460.
Cad461461 The Cad 461.
Cad462462 The Cad 462.
Cad463463 The cad 463.
Cad464464 The cad 464.
Cad465465 The cad 465.
Cad468468 The cad 468.
Cad469469 The cad 469.
Cad470470 The cad 470.
Cad09797 The Cad 097.
Cad147147 The Cad 147.
Cad148148 The Cad 148.
Cad149149 The cad149
Cad270270 The Cad 270.
Cad274274 The Cad 274.
Cad285285 The Cad 285.
Cad286286 The Cad 286.
Cad287287 The Cad 287.
Cad288288 The Cad 288.
Cad371371 The Cad 371.
Cad372372 The Cad 372.
Cad380380 The Cad 380.
Cad10001000 The Cad 1000.
Cad10011001 The Cad 1001.
Cad10021002 The Cad 1002.
Cad10031003 The Cad 1003.
Cad10041004 The Cad 1004.
Cad10051005 The Cad 1005.
Cad10061006 The Cad 1006.
Cad10071007 The Cad 1007.
Cad10081008 The Cad 1008.
Cad10091009 The Cad 1009.
Cad10101010 The Cad 1010.
Cad10111011 The Cad 1011.
Cad10121012 The Cad 1012.
Cad10131013 The Cad 1013.
Cad10141014 The Cad 1014.
Cad10151015 The Cad 1015.
Cad10161016 The Cad 1016.
Cad10171017 The Cad 1017.
Cad10181018 The Cad 1018.
Cad10191019 The Cad 1019.
Cad10201020 The Cad 1020.
Cad10211021 The Cad 1021.
Cad10221022 The Cad 1022.
Cad10231023 The Cad 1023.
Cad10241024 The Cad 1024.
Cad10251025 The Cad 1025.
Cad10261026 The Cad 1026.
Cad10271027 The Cad 1027.
Cad10281028 The Cad 1028.
Cad10291029 The Cad 1029.
Cad10301030 The Cad 1030.
Cad10311031 The Cad 1031.
Cad10321032 The Cad 1032.
Cad10331033 The Cad 1033.
Cad10341034 The Cad 1034.
Cad10351035 The Cad 1035.
Cad10361036 The Cad 1036.
Cad10371037 The Cad 1037.
Cad10381038 The Cad 1038.
Cad10391039 The Cad 1039.
Cad10401040 The Cad 1040.
Cad10411041 The Cad 1041.
Cad10421042 The Cad 1042.
Cad10431043 The Cad 1043.
Cad10441044 The Cad 1044.
Cad10451045 The Cad 1045.
Cad10461046 The Cad 1046.
Cad10471047 The Cad 1047.
Cad10481048 The Cad 1048.
Cad10491049 The Cad 1049.
Cad10501050 The Cad 1050.
Cad10511051 The Cad 1051.
Cad10521052 The Cad 1052.
Cad10531053 The Cad 1053.
Cad10541054 The Cad 1054.
Cad10551055 The Cad 1055.
Cad10561056 The Cad 1056.
Cad10571057 The Cad 1057.
Cad10581058 The Cad 1058.
Cad10591059 The Cad 1059.
Cad10601060 The Cad 1060.
Cad10611061 The Cad 1061.
Cad10621062 The Cad 1062.
Cad10631063 The Cad 1063.
Cad10641064 The Cad 1064.
Cad10651065 The Cad 1065.
Cad10661066 The Cad 1066.
Cad10671067 The Cad 1067.
Cad10681068 The Cad 1068.
Cad10691069 The Cad 1069.
Cad10701070 The Cad 1070.
Cad10711071 The Cad 1071.
Cad0099 The Cad009
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