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Aspose.CAD.FileFormats.Cad.CadObjects Namespace

The namespace contains Cad file format base entities.
Public classCad2DPoint
The Cad 2 d point.
Public classCad2LineAngularDimension
The Cad angle dimension.
Public classCad3DFace
Class that describes 3DFACE entity
Public classCad3DPoint
The Cad point.
Public classCad3DSolid
Class describing Cad 3DSolid
Public classCadAcadEvaluationGraph
Class describing ACAD_EVALUATION_GRAPH object.
Public classCadAcadProxyEntity
Class describing CadAcadProxyEntity
Public classCadAcDbAssocNetwork
Class describing Ac Db Assoc Network.
Public classCadAcDbBlockRepresentationData
Public classCadAcDbDynamicBlockPurgePreventerVersion
Public classCadAcdsData
Class describing CadAcdsData
Public classCadAcdsRecord
Class describing CadAcdsRecord
Public classCadAcdsSchema
Class describing CadAcdsSchema
Public classCadAcshHistoryClass
Class describing CadAcshHistoryClass object.
Public classCadAcshPyramidClass
Class describing CadAcshPyramidClass object.
Public classCadAlignedDimension
The Cad aligned dimension.
Public classCadAngularDimension
The Cad angular dimension.
Public classCadApplicationCodes
The Cad Application Defined Codes
Public classCadApplicationCodesContainer
The CadApplicationCodes Container
Public classCadArc
Class describing Cad ARC
Public classCadBase
Base class for Cad objects
Public classCadBaseAcds
Base class for Cad objects
Public classCadBaseEntity
The Cad base entity object.
Public classCadBaseExtrudedEntity
The Cad base extruded entity object.
Public classCadBaseInfinityEntity
Class describing CadBaseInfinityEntity
Public classCadBaseObject
Base class for Cad objects
Public classCadBaseOwned
The Cad base owned object.
Public classCadBlockEntity
The Cad block entity.
Public classCadBody
The Cad body.
Public classCadBreakData
Class describing CadBreakData object.
Public classCadCellMargin
Class describing CadCellMargin
Public classCadCellStyle
Class describing CadCellStyle
Public classCadCellStyleMap
Class describing CadCellStyleMap
Public classCadCircle
Class describing Cad circle
Public classCadClassEntity
The Cad class entity.
Public classCadContentFormat
Class describing CadContentFormat
Public classCadCoordinationModel
Class describing Coordination Model
Public classCadDbColor
Class describing DBCOLOR object.
Public classCadDbEvalExpr
Class describing CadDbEvalExpr object.
Public classCadDgnUnderlay
Class describing CadDgnUnderlay
Public classCadDiametricDimension
The Cad diameter dimension. NOTE: This class is an exact copy of CadRadialDimension except sublcass name
Public classCadDictionaryVar
Class describing DICTIONARYVAR object.
Public classCadDimensionBase
The CadDimension class
Public classCadDimensionBaseR12
Represents dimension in old R12 format which stores all points in one place
Public classCadDimensionOrdinate
The Cad dimension ordinate.
Public classCadDwfUnderlay
Class describing CadDwfUnderlay
Public classCadEllipse
Class describing Cad ellipse
Public classCadEmbeddedObject
The Cad embedded object.
Public classCadEmbeddedObjectContainer
The embedded object Container
Public classCadExtrudedSurface
The Cad revolved surface.
Public classCadFieldList
Class describing CadFieldList object.
Public classCadGeoData
Class describing GeoData object.
Public classCadGraphicsDataContainer
Class describing CadGraphicsDataContainer, pseudo entity to read objects from .dwg which has a graphic data
Public classCadGridFormat
Class describing CadGridFormat
Public classCadGroup
Class describing CadGroup object.
Public classCadHeader
Class describing Cad header
Public classCadHeaderSummaryInfoWrapper
The summary info wrapper for Cad (Dxf and Dwg) header.
Public classCadHelix
Class describing CadHelix
Public classCadInsertObject
The Cad insert object.
Public classCadLayerFilter
Class describing LAYER_FILTER object.
Public classCadLayout
The Cad layout object.
Public classCadLeader
Class describing Cad leader
Public classCadLight
Class describing CadLight
Public classCadLightList
Class describing LIGHTLIST object.
Public classCadLine
Class describing Cad line
Public classCadLoftedSurface
The Cad lofted surface.
Public classCadLwPolyline
Class describing Cad lwPoliline
Public classCadMargin
Class describing CadMargin
Public classCadMaterial
Class describing CadMaterial
Public classCadMesh
Class describing CadMesh
Public classCadMLeader
Class describing Cad multileader
Public classCadMLeaderBlock
Class describing MLeader block
Public classCadMLeaderContextData
Class describing context data for multileader
Public classCadMLeaderLine
Class describing Cad multileader line
Public classCadMLeaderNode
Class describing Cad multileader node
Public classCadMLeaderStyle
Class describing CadMLeaderStyle
Public classCadMText
Class describing Cad Mtext
Public classCadMultiLine
The Cad multi line.
Public classCadMultiLineVectorBlock
Cad mline vector block
Public classCadObjectAttribute
Public classCadObjectPtr
Class describing OBJECT_PTR object.
Public classCadObjectWithAcisData
Base class for CAD entity which contains ACIS data
Public classCadOle2Frame
Public classCadOleFrame
The Cad OleFrame.
Public classCadPdfUnderlay
Class describing CadPdfUnderlay
Public classCadPlaneSurface
The Cad surface base.
Public classCadPlotSettings
The Cad Plot Settings object.
Public classCadPoint
Class describing Cad Point
Public classCadRadialDimension
The Cad radial dimension. NOTE: This class is an exact copy of CadDiametricDimension except sublcass name
Public classCadRasterImage
Class describing Cad raster image
Public classCadRasterImageDef
The Cad aster image definition object.
Public classCadRasterImageDefReactor
The Cad raster image definition reactor object.
Public classCadRay
Class describing CadRay
Public classCadRegion
The region entity
Public classCadRevolvedSurface
The Cad revolved surface.
Public classCadRotatedDimension
The Cad rotated dimension.
Public classCadSection
Class describing CadSection
Public classCadSectionViewStyle
Class describing CadSectionViewStyle
Public classCadSeqend
Class describing Cad SEQEND. For CadConsts.CadSubClassName.SEQEND type.
Public classCadShape
The Cad surface.
Public classCadSize
The Cad size
Public classCadSkyLightBackGround
Class describing CadSkyLightBackGround object.
Public classCadSolid
Class describing CadSolid
Public classCadSpatialFilter
Class describing SPATIAL_FILTER object.
Public classCadSpatialIndex
Class describing SPATIAL_INDEX object.
Public classCadSpline
Class describing Cad SPLINE
Public classCadSun
The Cad sun.
Public classCadSunObject
The Cad sun object.
Public classCadSweptSurface
The Cad swept surface.
Public classCadTableContent
Class describing TABLECONTENT object.
Public classCadTableFormat
Class describing CadTableFormat
Public classCadTableGeometry
Class describing TABLEGEOMETRY object.
Public classCadTableStyle
Class describing CadTableStyle
Public classCadText
Class describing Cad text
Public classCadThumbnailImage
The Cad ThumbnailImage entity.
Public classCadTolerance
The Cad tolerance.
Public classCadTrace
TRACE class
Public classCadUnderlay
Class describing CadUnderlay
Public classCadUnused
Represents CadUnused object.
Public classCadVbaProject
Class describing VBA_PROJECT object.
Public classCadViewport
The Cad view port.
Public classCadVisualStyle
Class describing CadVisualStyle
Public classCadWipeoutVariables
Class describing WIPEOUTVARIABLES object.
Public classCadXdata
The Cad xdata.
Public classCadXdataContainer
The Xdata Container
Public classCadXLine
Class describing CadXLine
Public classCadXRecord
Class describing CadXRecord
Public interfaceISummaryInfo
The Cad SummaryInfo interface.
Public enumerationCadClassTypeName
The Cad class type names.
Public enumerationUnderlayFlags
Underlay Flags