CadGroupCodeTypes Enumeration

Cad group code value types

Namespace:  Aspose.CAD.FileFormats.Cad.CadConsts
Assembly:  Aspose.CAD (in Aspose.CAD.dll) Version: 20.8
public enum CadGroupCodeTypes
  Member nameValueDescription
Unknown0 Unknown group
StringEx1 String (with the introduction of extended symbol names in AutoCAD 2000, the 255-character limit has been increased to 2049 single-byte characters not including the newline at the end of the line)
String2552 String (255-character maximum; less for Unicode strings)
StringHexHandle3 String representing hexadecimal (hex) handle value
ArbitraryText4 Arbitrary text string
StringHexBinaryChunk5 String representing hex value of binary chunk
String6 String value
Comment7 Comment (string)
StringHexIds8 String representing hex object IDs
DoublePrecision3DPoint9 Double precision 3D point value
DoublePrecisionFloat10 Double precision floating-point value
DoublePrecisionScalarFloat11 Double precision scalar floating-point value
Int1612 16-bit integer value
Int3213 32-bit integer value
Int6414 64-bit integer value
Long15 Long value (32 bit)
BooleanFlag16 Boolean flag value
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