Aspose.BarCode.Windows.Forms Namespace

The Aspose.BarCode.Windows.Forms contains WinForms controls for the 1D/2D barcodes generation and drawing.
Public classAztecParametersUI
UI wrapper for AztecParameters class.
Public classBarCodeGeneratorControl
BarCode Windows Control, goto your toolbox panel and add Aspose.BarCode.dll, and you will see BarcodeGeneratorControl appears. Just drag it and drop to your Windows form. see see
Public classCaptionUI
UI wrapper for CaptionParameters class.
Public classCodetextParametersUI
Codetext parameters.
Public classDataMatrixParametersUI
UI wrapper for DataMatrixParameters class.
Public classPdf417ParametersUI
UI wrapper for Pdf417Parameters class.
Public classQrParametersUI
UI wrapper for QrParameters class.
Public classSpecificParametersUI
Specific parameters.
Public interfaceIBarCodeGeneratorControl
IBarCodeGeneratorControl for TypeConverters